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2nd Wind

That’s right…we’ve gotten our 2nd wind and can hopefully finish strong for the 2015 (our 12th) season!  We have lots more bodies here for this week so we need to be on our toes.

Last week was vewy, vewy quiet (use your best Elmer Fudd voice).  Tom and Carol returned with their grandsons for a fun time.  I hope Carol will send me some photos from the week.  They fished a lot.  Carol, Andrew and I berry picked, and the boys and I went paddle boarding!  It was quite fun and I didn’t fall!  Note to Carol:  I have the Mickey Mouse blanket in case anyone is looking for it.  Tom can pick it up in September:)

The mayflies are done; however, the weather continued to be a dynamic.  We had more big rains and storms.  Miss Freya spent a lot of time in the basement (she’s a Frey-dy cat).  We’ve had enough rain that the lake level is really decent now and should hold for the rest of the reason.  We wish we’d just get some gentle add-day rains instead of these hard-driving storms.  Poor Gruper spends a lot of time fixing his drainage berms in the driveway. Speaking of whom…Gruper and Murray finished the overhang on the Bear’s Den’s roof.  We’re still waiting for another bid for the roof, so continue to send us positive energy please.

I believe I mentioned blueberries:)  I have my first gallon in the freezer and will pick again today with Bob and various members of his family!  Because of the rain, we have big, fat blueberries this year!  I’ll get a couple of pics for you today.

Tony, Linda and Jack were here two weeks agol


This family sure enjoys themselves during their visit.  It’s funny ’cause Tony likes to fish for smallies (I posted him with a couple on our Conservation Awards Page, you may recall), Jack likes to fish for northern, and Linda prefers perch fishing but apparently also serves as guide:


Jack and Tony both caught some northern:


and Linda took a break from guiding to enjoy potluck:


Their week was loaded with weather extremes!  They fished in the rain at some point nearly every day.  You can see the differences in their scenery photos:  beautiful,




storms a’brewin


Anyone who has fished up this way knows just how fast the rain or a storm can be upon you!  Ergo the line…always take your rain gear. Is it just me, or does the cloud on the left resemble a fish?


Here’s a family loonier than mine:

loon family

Here’s a nice shot of the pets (we still can’t agree on sign placement by the way):


I like gulls when they’re out there and not here in Camp:

gull rock

How many shades of green are there (that’s probably why it’s my favorite color)?


I loved this photo of returning to the dock:


and will close with this beautiful silhouette sunset:)

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