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It happens every year:  suddenly we are done.  The work changes.  We go from day-to-day and week-to-week to we’ll be back in six months.  I’m bagging laundry and doing cabin inventories, Steve is pulling and servicing boats, and we’re sealing floors and locking doors.  Just like that…it’s done for another year.

We have a few bodies still in Camp.  Mike and Scott came back with a perfectly beautiful stringer of eight walleyes today.  Bless them for sticking it out!  Since Saturday the weather has been AWFUL.  Monday marked the fifth day in 13 years that we would say was unfishable.  High winds, 4+” of rain and cold nastiness made for a bad day to be a Camp owner!  Betty Ann and George gave up and went home Tuesday:(  The others stayed and were rewarded with a decent day today.  The rest of the week looks promising as well.

I phoned sister Rebecca Sunday night, warning her that we thought I’d broken my foot or ankle. It wasn’t anything romantic or poetic–I’d done it shampooing the carpets in our house!  Gruper iced and Aleved me.  He picked up dinner (you’d have to live here to understand).  I elevated it and prayed a lot that night.  Monday morning brought lots of improvement, and each day has been better.  I am walking like a normal person (I could not bear any weight Sunday evening)!  I’d say I’m 90% or better as I type:)

Our guys were here last week:)  We enjoyed their company immensely and received the shot in the arm to get us through until we are home again.  Jerry takes great pictures.  Here are a few:

I had an eagle shot of my own right outside our window one morning:

and a frog in our window well:

and a cat in a hiding place:

Back to Jerry, though!  Check out this sunset:

I think this bass qualified him for a Conservation Award!  I added Mac’s bass, Bender’s walleye and Jeff’s walleye to our page…I think I was remiss regarding Jerry’s bass:

What a pig, Jerry!  Beautiful.

Jeff and Jeff shared their pics (thank you)!  They were here for only four days and figured it out!  Jeff released a beautiful 25″ walleye (see Conservation page).  Here he is with a northern:

The guys understood the importance of conservation fishing!  They kept perfect eaters and let LOTS o’ fish go!

That’s a great mixed bag, guys!

Holes in the sky:

Harvest moon:

The guys caught great sunsets:

They played with special effects as well:

Speaking of suns, check out this incredible pic of last week’s sun dog!  Frank did a great job:

Neal and Marji shared two weeks with us again this year (thank you)!  They seem to truly enjoy their time up here.  Marji caught a nice slot northern:

Obviously that’s not Marji.  She’s a bit like me when it comes to big fish with teeth:  let the guy hold it!  She was not afraid of this perch, however:

I would have been nervous about these white caps!

Even if the clouds had silver linings…

Marji always gets good moss pics:

If you don’t love this red moss, there’s something wrong with you!

Here are just some nice scenic pics:

I LOVE this water abstract!

Here’s a nice representation of our “Big 4”:

A splashing duck

and a happy Buck

One thing’s for certain, though:  they may have been fishing here but it’s not their jig caught in the tree!

Thanks, Nemar!  We hope to see you next fall…or sooner!

I entitled this pic from my camera “Beer Can Sunset.”

The only thing prettier on a Canadian fall day…

Gruper the grouse hunter;)  Until next time…

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