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I’m going to steal my friend Tara’s Christmas letter idea and use a theme word throughout this entry:  lots.  For instance, we’ve had LOTS of rain lately which–in the words of our dear friend Karna (congrats on the clean bill o’ health!)–should make for LOTS of blueberries later this season.  OK?  Everyone play along and humor me.

Last week saw LOTS of content people again!  Folks were catching LOTS of whatever fish they sought.  Larry returned with his son Dave and granddaughter Laura.  They don’t fish as hard as some of our anglers but they certainly get out every day.  They caught LOTS of fish–over 200–more than half of which were walleye.  Mark and Sandy returned and caught LOTS of piggies (again).  Mark has a following up here; he’s even becoming legendary;)


Dan and Kari reported a day of over 70 fish. I think even they will admit, though, they spend LOTS of time fishing while they’re here. We had LOTS of big fish releases last week! I’ve posted Wayne, Shirley (hers is bigger than Wayne’s) and Curt’s walleyes on our Conservation Awards page ( At our two-turkey potluck I asked how many guests had released a walleye over 20″. Honestly, LOTS of people had–I think at least one person per cabin in fact! Folks, releasing those healthy 19-23″ walleye puts LOTS and LOTS of babies in Wabaskang. Thank you from us and future generations of anglers. Two weeks ago, Aaron of TGF had LOTS of fun releasing an almost-36″ northern. I posted it on the Conservation Awards Page, too. This year, TGF wanted to honor Aaron’s dad Bob who passed away from cancer. They had these cool hats made:

Those three guys have LOTS of fun while they fish AND they catch LOTS of fish. Here are a few pics of Aaron, Kevin and Doug:

Note to KB: I think I’ll use this one at the sports shows…I really like it!

Those three spend LOTS of time on the water. That gives them time to catch LOTS of nice pics. Here’s a good photo of a nesting loon:

This year they must have had LOTS of time to shop as they brought Gruper and me a gift:)

Thank you–they’ll be put to good use. Wayne and Shirley headed home Thursday. They had spent LOTS of days in the campground. As I mentioned, each of them released a nice walleye this trip (Shirley’s was bigger…). They are one group who reported seeing LOTS of wildlife recently. Here are some playful otters:

They snapped a good picture of Eldon (or perhaps one of his relatives?):

I swiped a cute picture of their grandson Braxen from their camera (they had LOTS of pics of him):

Roger and Dee returned with LOTS of friends! It was nice meeting everyone–they said they’d heard LOTS of good things about Tall Pines Camp! We love word-of-mouth…for the most part. Roger had the catch of the week:

He is quite the angler! Bob was new to us and brought his grandsons. They had LOTS of fun and good fishing for first-timers. They brought me a photo-first in 10+ years: a swimming lynx!

I’m working on getting a good zoom-in for Dee. She paints as a hobby and wants to tackle that beautiful cat. I’ll bet it will take LOTS of time. Gruper, Murray and I had a cool happening at breakfast Wednesday. One of our mama golden eyes coaxed her babies from their house for their first outing and swim! She had LOTS of them:

Gruper was so inspired that he has a trail cam aimed at our other house to see if we can catch them! Deb and John and Claire and Bud visited for the first time on a recommendation (good word-of-mouth) from Curtis (thank you). They brought LOTS of smiles to our faces when they delivered a lovely gift from Curtis’s son Chad:

Chad is an artist who visited with his dad and sister last summer. He owns White Rabbit Art ( and is fantastic! His rendition of one of our sunsets from a photo is unbelievable! He has LOTS of talent–I really like his pet portraits. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHAD.

As always, there’s LOTS to do around here. Shirley slipped on our wet steps last week. Gruper pressure-washed them again, but we felt something more sustainable needed to happen. As a result, I have begun shingling the steps:

That gritty surface is just what the dr. ordered and it actually looks nice as well. It’s been LOTS of fun;) Gruper and Murray will have LOTS of fun this week (we hope). Cabin 9 should get its new shiny metal roof! Whoo-hoo! I’ll close with LOTS of birthday wishes for my family! Our niece Wendy celebrates her birthday today (she was a Father’s Day present for my biggest brother Dan). Here she is:

We also have birthdays for sister-in-law Tina, great-niece Mya and niece Emily this week. Best wishes to you all! We love you!

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