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A Great Start to a New Year!

Hi! I’ll bet some of you were looking for me yesterday. There just wasn’t enough time to do a worthy entry. I have a lot of good photos to share and needed extra time to get them ready. Thanks for your patience.

Fishing ended on a GREAT note last week! I’ve put all of Week 1’s Conservation Award winners on our website: (scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the link). I’ll try to put some on our newly-created Facebook page as well (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario). Bear with me as I get used to that whole gig! Justin W. is now the sole leader of consecutive conservation awards; we’ve been doing the program for nine years and he has received awards for seven of them! John and Marie would have had their 9th this year–I’m certain–but they were unable to be with us. Hopefully we’ll see them again next year and they can start on a new string of big fish releases!

Walleye are being found shallow (5-6′), so Keynote, Gawley’s and the narrows are popular spots. The water temp is cooler than usual so everything is going to be a bit behind schedule.

Sandra and I went moose stomping a couple of times last week. She needed some moose poop and I needed to get away. She spotted this grouse perched in a tree–something I don’t see often at all:


We saw many tracks. This one is awfully big–wolf or large cat?


Our best find was actually Sandra’s: what we think is a wolf den. We were pretty darned excited! Its location and everything about it screams wolf. If you look carefully you can see both the main entrance and what we think is the back door off to the right:


Gruper and I went to Ear Falls last Tues. We finally saw our first moose of the season. What a beauty:


Kevin and Justin gave me their camera cards for great pics. I’ve taken my faves from Kevin and will share them now. Justin’s…maybe later yet this week. We’ll see. This is a large group who’ve been coming far longer than we’ve been here. It’s cool that they still see the beauty all around them while they’re here. I enjoyed some of Kevin’s perspective shots using his panoramic setting. I hope they work well in this format.

Kevins blue perspective

kevins blue perspective2

kevins falls out perspective

Kevins shiny panoramic

Kevins morning perspective

Here’s the channel going into Keynote (I think):

Kevins keynote channel

I called this one Sunset Wake:

Kevins sunset wake

The rock on the left reminds me of a snail or a beckoning finger:

Kevins finger or snail rock

You’ve heard of the fork in the road, but a fork in the lake????

Kevins fork in the road

Now these guys are real fishermen as well. Reports of 100+ walleye per day per boat are not uncommon. From our Conservation Awards page you can see that they love to hunt big northerns as well. They said they released a ton of smallies between 16-18″. Here’s the best part: they have a good time all week with each other. Here’s some evidence:

Justin and John

I’m guessing if you are close enough to take a photo of that shirt…

If you can read

Alex took a pic:

Kevins alex photoing

then a nap:

Alex napping

These guys fish regardless of conditions. Here’s a bit of foggy fishing:

foggy fishing

Today hit 70 with bright, bluebird skies–not the best day for walleye fishing. Alex and Tanner were ready for some water sports! I saw one of them jump into the lake–then climb right back out;) It’s a bit cold yet. Grant promises he’ll jump in by week’s end in honor of Aaron who couldn’t join his usual group this year. We’ll see if Grant’s a man of his word:) Alex and Tanner settled for a trip in the pedal boat:


That’s it for now. Please remember–if life hands you lemons…


MAKE LEMON BARS! Until next time.

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