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A Pretty Darned Good Week!

Hey, Everyone!

Fall is here.  I went blueberry picking today and had to work hard to find some.  Rachel and Ann went along.  Rachel was a virgin picker who tends to be a bit dirty.  Many signs of fall are around us:  a bit of color, cool mornings, dark evenings, and incredible fishing!  Last week was great, and this week is shaping up nicely.

Neal and Marji finished their two-week stint.  Neal’s bear was a nice one, and Marji took, like, a million photos.  I’m sorting through them and promise to give you a nice photo fest next week.  She sure has a good eye and I don’t want to hurry through the pics.  We introduced them to blueberry-stuffed carmelized French toast.  I think they liked it;)  See you two next year and hope to see you at the QC show in February!

We’ll see (literally) more of Neal’s bear next week.  Here’s a pic of Chris’s bear from a few weeks ago:

Ron, Karna, Bob and Ann are here again!  Bob released a 27″ walleye which you can view from the Conservation Awards page of our website (  Bob has a knack with those super-big fish.  Seems he releases one almost every year…much to Clarke’s dismay.  He released 2, 25″ers today!  Clarke, and if we can find the pic you’ll see him THRICE this year!  Who knows:  maybe he’ll do it again this week.  Ron and Bob do most of their fishing on 3rd Lake.  They’ve caught enough for a meal pretty much every day.  One problem they report:  finding enough “eater-sized” fish.

Kansas Steve and his buddies were here last week.  That’s Steve on the Conservation Awards page with a 19″ smallie!  He and Jason are “used” guests (as opposed to new), but Brad was new.  Steve is a southern gentleman and was courteous enough to give me his camera card.  Let’s see what he’s got.

These guys fish for BIG fish:

They like to keep enough to eat, though:

I’m not sure what Jason tied into here:  fish or snag…

These guys also like their nature:

That’s a cool eagle’s nest (not to be confused with our cabin).

That’s the falls out up on 5th Lake.  Maybe they had shore lunch there:

I think Steve likes skies like I like reflections:

I don’t know if the newbie Brad enjoyed himself or not(?)

Ron and Mary are back for a 2nd trip this year.  They brought along some newbies, Roger and Dee.  I think fishing’s been good for them all.  They arrived last Wed. for a 10-day stay.  We decided to have social hour on Wed. because the weather was not great (windy, rainy) and we knew we had a lot of fun, friendly folks in Camp.  I made guac and an apple kuchen:

and Marji wore yet another pair of GREAT shoes:

and there was TORRENTIAL rain later:

Holy buckets!

Our friend Mike from home returned for his 2nd trip of the season with the Kelly Construction crew.  Unfortunately, Mike had to head home early for a family emergency.  We think the rest of the bunch had an enjoyable stay, and we’re glad they brought a bit of Jim with them. 

We’d like you to continue to send positive energy and thoughts to our friends Bob and Barb.  They should be here right now.

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