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A Week of Craziness…

Greetings and Happy Sunday to You!

Let me start by saying we had a week of crazy weather.  After three days of rain last Sat., Sun., and Mon., I thought I was going to go stark-raving mad.  Gray days are tough on me; three gray days are really tough on me.  I knew the lake needed the rain–which helped my psyche a bit–but I was still struggling.  I swore that one more day of rain would put me over the edge.  Then came Tuesday morning:

(I had put a cool photo of snow here, but it got lost in the blog somehow and I had already deleted the file.)  Not happy.

Yes, that’s snow on May 29.  It didn’t stick but it lasted for a while.  I did what I do best–took to the kitchen:

That’s rhubarb baklava.  It was my first time making baklava of any kind.  It was delicious but needed more rhubarb.  It sure turned out pretty, though!

Wednesday brought nicer weather which has continued since.  Today hit 75ish–sunny and beautiful.  Last week’s fishing was terrific for most!  I hear tell of young William releasing a bit bass and a big walleye!  Once I get the photos I’ll put them on our website.  William and his dad fished from the boat ramp…I think that’s where the big bass was caught:

Aaron fished from the dock after taking his annual Polar Bear Club plunge into Wabaskang!

That group did well–but they always do.  One morning Skip said they’d caught their limits within the first hour, then just caught and released.  That is music to our ears around here.

Doc’s group did very well, as usual.  Sonny and Kathy have had a blast tooling around for walleye and perch!  They found a great perch hole and Kathy was downright giddy!  She does love to fish.  John and Marie and Sonny and Kathy fished Aerobus Bay yesterday and returned with reports of awesome fishing.  I hear that John released a killer perch today in hopes of keeping his Conservation Award streak alive.  I have faith that Marie will rally round yet this week.

We keep trying to find me a pet.  I checked out this lovely moth

and Gruper found me a cute, tiny turtle

with an even cuter belly

but neither seemed very practical.  Rachel and Bentley brought me a Button Fish.

It’s adorable and very low-maintenance.  I still think God will send me a cat when the time is right.  Sandra wanted to steal one for me…I don’t think God would have someone do that(?)

This week’s group is mostly used people (as opposed to new); however, we have some newbies that have joined some of the used people.  We also have a new family who has fished Wabaskang but has never stayed with us.  I think it’s going to be a great week for fishing, judging by just yesterday and today!  Reports are that things seem to be ahead of schedule–patterns, depths, etc. 

Illinois Bob comes ’bout every year and always brings a great group of guys.  Today the guys headed up to 5th Lake.  They had a great time!  Bob and Al, an octogenarian who has visited several times, got into some slot northerns today and had a blast!

The guys seemed to be having a meeting of the minds during lunch:

I liked this photo Bob took of the falls out:

Bob and co. are honestly a super nice group of guys who seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  Bob’s brother Roger is conspicuous by his absence this year.  Hopefully, he’ll make it next year (and bring the pies for potluck).

Brett has returned to us for the first time in a few years.  He grew up fishing Wabaskang with his dad Lee, who passed away a few years back.  This is Brett’s first trip since losing his dad.  He was impressed with the walleye he saw Sat. afternoon and believes conservation efforts are paying off.  He said the fish are bigger, fuller and seem to be more plentiful than his last couple of visits.  More music to our ears!

Well, I’ve about caught up with the news around here.  I think we’ll have excellent fishing reports this week!  Let’s close with some photos left from Matt, Justin, and Sandra last week:

Until next week…or next year:

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