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Yes, I hear you:)  I know you’re anxious for an update but I do have my priorities…like getting cabins cleaned, dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (undiagnosed but oh-so-present), trying to figure out my psychotic cat, and maintaining a social life in the thriving metropolis of Perrault Falls.  You do matter to me, though, so let’s have a quickie.

The lake continues to progress.  We had large floating chunks yesterday, and lots of rain today should create more of the same.  Using binoculars we can see that the narrows is open.  The ice is black and soft.  Here are a couple of pics taken yesterday (Thurs.) from the deck of the fish cleaning facility:



The ice along the shoreline is very slushy and kind of blue.  Farther out it’s black and has lots of small holes.  This is exactly where we were last year.  Much of the ice will sink; the remainder will make piles along the shore.  We are fine for opener.

Meanwhile, around Camp the snow is a pain in my butt!  Gruper drives around and knocks down drifts a little each day.  Yesterday (Thurs.) he tried to get the huge drift by former Cabin 1 and current Cabin 2.  The result:  stuck truck


Here’s my pain in the butt area as cabin cleaning moves from the Bear’s Den to 5, 6, 7 and Eagle’s Nest:


I’d usually cut through to go into “command central,” but I have to walk around that bad-boy drift (usually with arms full of curtains, cleaning products, shower curtains, etc.).  Tomorrow shows SUNSHINE and temps around 60.  That would be lovely.

Gruper and I ran errands in Dryden on Tues.  We had lunch with Murray who is indeed returning!!!  He’ll move in Sunday and begin work on Monday.  This is our first ever returning employee:)  Gruper and I were laughing about even the little things that become easier, e.g., knowing cabin numbers.  Normally it takes a month to get someone trained as to what’s where, when we do what, etc.  We are happy to have Murray back. 

I had lunch with our postmaster Patty at the Whiskeyjack last Saturday.  I’m hoping to do the same tomorrow.  We had dinner with Rikki (Dutchie’s) and Jeremy last night to thank them for snowmobiling our stuff in upon arrival.  I am a social butterfly, and it’s important to maintain these relationships while I’m here.  Graham and Laura at the Whiskeyjack are good kids making an honest living.  The Whiskeyjack is only 3.5 miles from Camp and has wonderful food:)  Give it a try during your stay with us.

I need to go iron some curtains, then tend to dinner.  You may wonder how I get it all done.  Well, I am a big believer in multitasking;)


I’ll try to visit with you again on Sunday.  Until then,

Andrea, Master Multitasker

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