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Catching Up…

I know, I know…where have I been?  Things are crazy around here!  Steve and I are putting in a lot of extra hours until our employee can start later this month.  We’ve been nuts.

Let’s start with a fishing report.  One word sums it up:  WOW!!!  Everyone is catching fish.  All anglers–both new and used–are taking home their limits of walleye and anything else they want.  They’re finding them everywhere, although North Bay, Aerobus and Keynote continue to be hotbeds of activity.  Walleye are still pretty shallow–think 5-7′.  Ken and Eldon were using water temps as a guide–65-66 degrees found them plenty of fun!  Eldon made the Conservation Awards Program with a 26′ walleye!  He still needs to e-mail me the photo (hint, hint).  I’ve posted all other big fish releases on our website (  Here are some of the award recipients at potluck:

Are they listing to their right...or am I listing to the left?

Speaking of potluck, our first of the season was Wed.  I made boring old brats and snickerdoodles.  Sonny and Kathy had never heard of them so I had to make some!  We had a ton of good food but even more fun.  Last week’s group has become a familiar bunch.  They all look forward to seeing each other next year! 

So, John Vanada was so inspired by potluck that he wrote a song Thurs. morning.  He and his backup singers and dancers performed it for me.  The song is entitled “Potluck,” but the chorus speaks specifically of me:  “She gets popped at potluck every week!”  The song is hilarious and refers to my love of good wine, my “mean teacher voice,” etc.  I was quite moved:)  Thanks, John.

This brings me to goodbyes.  I have decided that I don’t like goodbyes and am not very good at them.  We have so many wonderful guests and I get very blue when good folks have to go home.  John, Marie and Rachel and Sonny and Kathy all left today.  I’ve been blue and miss them all already.  I enjoy seeing our incoming guests but I wish everyone could stay all the time.  Ugh.  Here’s a photo of John and Marie’s dog Dora, named by their grandkids for the famous explorer.  She loves to chase critters–birds, rabbits, anything–but her first love is northern-licking.

She would love to tell you about her fishing adventures.

Marie snapped a photo of some columbine one day:

The other Rachel V. and I went moose stomping.  We saw lots of poop and tracks.  I was most excited about this:

Yes! The pink lady slipper orchid!!!

I’ve never seen one in person before.  It was beautiful and made my day.  There were a few in this area.  I wish I knew if we could transplant successfully.  Perhaps I’ll look into it.

I also snapped this naturey photo this week:

A hatching dragonfly...interesting

So what were our guests doing after they’d fished until their arms ached?

Our version of the Polar Bear Club:)

We’re up to six pets at the dock.  Here are a couple waiting for a dead minnow:

Our group of virgins from two weeks ago sent some nice photos to share!

Smallies & Wallies. I LOVE Rick's sweatshirt:)

I took them on a field trip to the dump. Yes, we saw a bear!

Leo caught on quickly.

Very, very quickly

Perrault Falls

This photo will be in my sports show book.

Charley and Nancy arrived yesterday.  Expect a ton of wonderful pictures during their two-week stay.  They took this one at their home in Missouri:

I’ll close today with a couple of lovely sunsets.  I’ll be sure to get back to you mid-week with a fishing report and other random bits!  A

I entitled this one "peekaboo" sunset.

Simply stunning

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