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Happy (belated) Father’s Day!

Hi there.  I started a new entry yesterday but inclement weather prevented its publishing or even saving:(  That’s OK…I think I can get ‘er done today.

Last week proved to be pretty darned good!  We saw several eater-sized walleye and I believe everyone took their limits home.  Perch and smallies were still quite shallow; the walleye are beginning to move out a bit (12-22’ were the reported depths last week).  I added four new fish to the Conservation Awards page of our website (  two walleyes, one bass and one ginormous northern!  Yes, Dave’s 48.5″ northern is the largest we’ve seen in our 12+ years (46″ was the previous best).

This is Dave (yes, Dave of the ginormous northern):

This was his first visit to TPC.  He accompanied his cousin Joe, a long-time guest of Camp:

I think Joe enjoyed showing Dave the ropes and playing host to his cousin!

They did a bit of road-tripping

and were even able to add to the brag board in Ear Falls:

Mostly, though, they fished:

They even landed a walleye off the dock!

Our scenery was all new to Dave (you know how I love that)!

The next two are my favorites!!

Hopefully Dave was inspired enough to want to visit our little paradise again:)

John, Marie and Dora invited Beth along for her second consecutive year (she likes it here).  John added the two walleyes and Beth added the smallie to our big fish page last week.  John is a good guide and a good guy…new word possibility:  guyde?  Anyway, check out this nice variety mess:

This fish hard and do pretty well!

Dora totally ignored this walleye (she prefers northern slime):

Nice catch and release, Beth!

They got pretty close to a loon (or maybe it was Dave…I get my pictures confused sometimes):

The lily pads are starting to bloom

The blooms are yellow now.  We end up with some big white flowers on them later in the summer:

Rocks are always in pictures from John and Marie.  Here are a few:

I like the bit o’ orange reflection in this one–NICE:

As I mentioned the weather has been a bit testy for a couple of days.  We had a lot of rain yesterday morning, a semi-mild midday, followed by a HUGE thunderstorm including hail last evening.  Lighting hit near the campground but nothing was hurt.  Freya was so freaked out I couldn’t find her even in her best hiding places!  Today we are very, very windy.  Folks have ventured out, and I anticipate good fishing results from those who can weather the winds.  The rest of our week looks quite pleasant weather-wise.

I still owe an entry from Aaron and Kevin and will try this week to do it as a bonus.

A special shout-out to Annie, Amy, SirJeff, Sheri and Jan:  we very much enjoyed having you here last week!  We’re glad you made it home safely and miss you already!

Until next time…

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