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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I’m guessing you’ve received your newsletter and are expecting me to deliver on my promise!  Well, I’m doing just that.  Welcome back to the blog.  I’ll fill you in on our goings-on, then close with some nice photos from Arlene.

I came home earlier than usual this year.  Things were pretty much under control in Canada and I felt I would be of more use in Iowa.  I jumped right back into substitute teaching and have done quite a bit–mostly special education, my personal favorite.  I’ve put in to cover a spring maternity leave.  If I get that, we’ll head up to Canada a bit later than usual. That should be fine as we have a late opener in 2011 (May 21).

I always try to catch up on flower beds and yard work when I get home.  This year I came into contact with some poison ivy (or something):

It started on my neck and I ended up with patches on my arms, side, etc.  It’s finally all gone.

I went to southern Iowa one day to visit my 93-year-old aunt.  She still lives totally on her own and is cuter than ever!  She’s all of 4’8″!  We lift her in and out of the car ’cause her legs are so short.  Rebecca and I will go this weekend some time and help her decorate for Christmas.

Aunt Phyllis and Skeeter

Speaking of Rebecca, she carved her first-ever Halloween jack-o-lantern this year:

She did a mighty fine job!  Niece Jayme really got into the Halloween spirit.  She was a zombie again:

Her boyfriend Shawn is very, very good at make-up!

She is eating her mom's brains!

Jayme was able to live out a lifelong dream last weekend.  She was an extra in a zombie film shot here in the Quad-Cities!  She was over the moon with excitement.  We were all very happy for her.

Young Miss Kayla chose to be a ladybug (again) this Halloween:

She has loved ladybugs forever!

Please continue to keep this precious child in your thoughts and prayers.  She is 3 going on 30.  We love to catch her being a child:

She LOVES swimming lessons:)

Our neighbors sell fresh poultry.  They get way into the fall spirit:

Sometimes they have stuffed people out there as well.

Gruper stayed in Canada until late October.  His moose hunter did well (again).  He’s been busy around the house since coming home.  He helped me paint the bathroom and has been painting doors.  He has done TONS of yardwork.  He was able to get in a couple rounds of golf due to the unseasonably beautiful weather and has fished the Mississippi a few times.  This morning we made food baskets with my Kiwanis group for the families of needy students at a partner school.  That is one of my favorite activities. 

What about our other family member, you may be asking.  Stinky LaRue is hanging tough!  Those pills she takes are nothing short of a miracle drug!  Kayla took this photo of her last month:

trying to hide (from Kayla) on her favorite chair!

Well, that’s about it for what we’re doing.  Here are some nice photos from Arlene’s visit in late August.  They stayed two weeks so she had, like, a zillion pictures!  I liked these:

Arlene and sister-in-law Carol found their way to the blueberries without me:

Carol's ready for a wilderness adventure!

Arlene looks right at home among the berries.

There was also plenty of time for fishing: 

Nice perch, Arlene!

Really nice northern, Ed!

Does that one count?

Actually, that’s a replica of a walleye Ed caught during his first visit to Tall Pines Camp!  That year he  caught a 31″ walleye and a 42″ northern!  Arlene couldn’t get him to leave at the end of their week, so they stayed longer!  That’s not a bad idea for them anyway, as they live in Sarasota, FL.  They’re used to warm temps, which they had for part of their stay.  Of course, you have to take the bad with the good:


Ken & Carol look chilly!

So does Mo!

Speaking of Mo, is it my imagination…

or does this cloud look like a weiner dog?

You never know who you’ll run into out on the Lake:

It's Bob & Joyce....stopping by after a two-month trip to Alaska!

or in the bush:

That's a brave bear given that it's still hunting season...

Ed and his sister Carol find a little down time in the cabin:

She's reading a manual! I have no patience when it comes to manuals.

Potluck was quite successful despite  my absence:

That's a lot of food!

We sure hope to see you good folks again.  Here’s Ed riding into the sunset:

and Mo assuming his travelling position–geared up for a long ride:

Why the big rush to get home?  Who could possibly be waiting there?

perhaps it's granddaughter Olivia, the apple of their eyes,

and her baby sister who arrived soon after their return:) Congrats!

Well, I think I’ve shared what I have for now.  As promised, I will do an entry by December 1 about our ability to accept credit cards.  I’ll try to have some more fodder for you as well.  Take care and enjoy your Thanksgiving.


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