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Hey, I’m on time this week!

Hello, hello, hello!  Boy, did I catch some grief last week for not posting on Sunday!  Creatures of habit you are.  I think today I can post a fairly decent entry AND I’ve added some big fish releases to our Conservation Awards Page (  I was able to get Roger and Lee’s smallmouth bass photos on (thanks for getting those to me).  I also posted Bob’s so-close-I’ll-let-it-count walleye photo and an incredible 28″ walleye caught by Ryan Thursday night (it’s a doozie and he said it topped his 40+” northern of a few years ago).

Last week’s weather was a drastic change from what we’ve been experiencing.  We went from unseasonably cool the week prior to mid to upper 70’s, bright blue skies, better wear your sunscreen weather last week!  I was delighted;)  However, those conditions often make fishing–especially for walleye–a bit trickier.  Early in the week we had no wind to speak of; however, we picked up a bit of breeze Tuesdayish and fishing improved for our serious anglers.  Our old timers all did well and were quite pleased.  We had Mark and Sandy here for the first time with us.  They cleaned up on piggy perch!  Jim, Keith and Dave had their best fishing ever, actually exhausting themselves by Thurs. afternoon (see what a little hard work will get you boys;)).  Dave, also new to the Lake, released a 12″ perch (I need a photo…).

2nd Lake was on fire by week’s end!  We had a slight wind out of the south and it really worked for the NW shoreline!  Walleye fishing was the best we’d experienced on 2nd Lake this time of year.  We thought the warm temps would move the fish deeper but depths still ranged from 8-15′ for the most part.  Leeches were the bait of choice last week–holy cow.  Word spread quickly and we even ran out for a bit!

I mentioned Ryan’s 28″ walleye.  His buddy Brett caught a nice 16″ smallie:

Those things look like footballs this year!

Brett also caught some nice wildlife photos.  Take a peek:

Their nests are always so precariously perched...

Tucker was captivated by yet another loon:

We received some nice photos that Dave took on his initial visit to Tall Pines Camp with Kevin and Aaron a few weeks ago (thanks, Kevin).

coming in for a landing

I LOVED these next two photos:

I think that’s good for now.  I have more photos…perhaps I’ll do a mid-week entry just to keep you on your toes!

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