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Life is Beautiful

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hi there!  I realize I’m incredibly late but things have been very, very busy around here.  I’m embarrassed to say that I have precious little blog fodder due to the craziness.  I forgot to ask my guys (AG/KB) for their camera card, which usually provides us with at least one entire entry.  I’ll bet Mary had some nice fish pics, but she blew out of here with a swollen appendix.  Several folks owe me big fish pics, and my excuses go on and on:)

Last week was an incredible week fishing-wise, weather-wise and guest-wise.  Nearly everyone was a used guest, with the occasional newbie thrown in for good measure.  Walleye and perch were plentiful!  Our Perchmaster Mark was here.  Good grief, even fishing for bass they found piggy perch!  I know that Ann, Jim, Mark and Kobie all released walleye at least 24″!  It was just a very good week all around!  Most angers reported walleye around 10′.

This week is going to be warm (again).  The mornings are great but give way to some heat in the afternoon.  Bass are coming out to play big time (Whopper Popper was a particular favorite of one guest).  We are seeing some pesky mayflies on Keynote and North Bay; however, we’re still seeing walleye, perch, bass and northern as well.  Cross your fingers for a small, quick hatch!

Steve B. was here a couple of weeks ago.  He’s been coming to Tall Pines Camp for longer than we’ve been here!  He left me with some beautiful scenery shots:


Check out these reflections!


My personal fave:


Thanks, Steve!  See you next year!

Wes and Nancy returned this year with Brad and Mary (appendix woman).  I believe Wes told me that he and Nancy were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary–Congratulations!  They decided to add bodies to their original four and brought Abigail and Hiram along!  Rumor has it that Hiram may need a fishing intervention!  Here are some of Wes’s photos (btw:  he does more than just dabble in photography)!

Both sets of falls caught his (and Abigail’s) eye this year:


I loved these views from above…

It may have been Wes and Nancy’s anniversary, but love was in the air everywhere (nice shirt, Nancy)!


I really liked this pic of Brad and Mary (pre-appendix attack):


Something about this photo struck me as Herculean…


As much as we dislike pelicans around here, these pics were pretty cool:


Wes didn’t disappoint when it came to sunsets!

I liked these pink clouds…


I was able to grab a few photos this week.  We’ve been quite turtle-y this year, and this guy was cruising the driveway by Cabin 5.  I chased him into the grass so he didn’t get squished by an unsuspecting motorist:


Darlene and I have been staining the house.  While I was trimming a basement window, this toad jumped up to get my attention!


I’ve also been squeezing in time to plant flowers (finally)!  I didn’t need to plant these lupines; Gruper keeps spreading seeds every fall and it seems to be working!


We’re light almost ’round-the-clock these days.  I awoke around 11:00 a couple of nights ago and could tell the sky was worth a look.  Here’s what I saw:


Nice, eh?

Until next time!

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