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No More Rain Dances, Please

Rain.  That’s what has been going on since my last entry.  Holy buckets!  It just keeps raining.  Last week’s folks had plenty, but this week’s folks are giving them a run for their money!

Speaking of last week’s folks, what a bunch of good sports!  The women-folk were troopers (except for yours truly) and went out every single day in rain or almost-rain or, in Dan and Kari’s case, hail.  Yes, they were hailed on for the first time in their recollection AND THEY DIDN’T LET IT STOP THEM!  They are hilarious.  I’ll share some of their photos in a minute.

Despite horrible weather for humans, fishing was very good last week.  We saw lots of perch and eater walleye.  Some of our guests enjoyed playing with smallies as well–theyfound them right here at the falls.  Mud Lake had been impassable prior to our many downpours; now folks can get in and find some perch and walleye.  2nd Lake was pretty good for the walleye, as were North Bay (again) and Ruby Lake.  I’m not sure where Mark and Sandy were perching, but it ROCKED!  They seem to know what they’re doing.  John caught a 12.5″ perch off the dock one morning and promptly disappeared into his cabin with it–I’m guessing it was breakfast.

If your name began with a D last week, chances were good that you released a northern 36″ or greater!  You’ll find Dan, Dave, and Dennis’s catches on the Conservation Awards Program of our website (  All three of those guys released nice northerns!  Dave, who is holding his over his head, caught one with a freakishly large head–something I can relate to.  No normal hat would ever fit that fish.  Also added to the page are Gary and Don’s walleyes of 24″ and 23.5″, respectively.  Technically, Don’s fish did not qualify; however, it’s a great photo and Don could have lied to me if he were into extrinsic motivation.  As administrator of the program, I decided his fish qualified.  I’m expecting a photo of David from Cabin 3 with a piggy perch for the page as well.

I dumped several cameras onto my computer and have lots of good photos to share.  I think I’ll do some today and some later this week (yes, that’s a promise).  Gary and Ellie were new to us, choosing us over a trip to Rome:)  The pressure was on for them to have a great experience.  They made it easy!  Ellie strikes me as someone who embraces new experiences and has a good time just about anywhere. 

She ran the boat,


caught a variety of fish,





and stayed very positive in the inclimate weather.  By the way, if you want to see her man Gary, you’ll have to check out his big walleye release on the web page.

Gary and Ellie were able to see some wildlife as well–no, not the crazy goings on at Camp…the real stuff.  On Wed. following potluck they followed Kevin, Aaron, Dave and I to the dump where we saw triplet bear cubs.  On the way back we saw a nice moose.  I also showed them my favorite beaver dam–it’s round:



They had a super experience near Ruby Lake on Thursday.  They saw a cow and calf moose.  Check out this photo of the calf:

 Our Eagle’s Nest guys saw the calf all alone the following day.  They then saw a wolf spring out of the bush to get the calf.  THEN they saw mama moose chase off the wolf!  That’s a once-in-a-lifetime, right place at the right time events.

I’m beginning to have problems with the internet–storms are coming.  I’ll have to close here and get to the rest of our photo fest later this week.  Until then, here’s a photo Ellie took.  It’s always good for me to see camp life through a new guest’s eyes.

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