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Opening Week Updates


As you can imagine, we have been busy this week!  We have a nice opening week group.  The weather has been all over the board (no snow, though), with some much needed rain off and on and temps near 70 today.  Fish are biting and getting caught in the higher-temp water.  Visit our website ( to see three incredible Conservation Award releases (so far!).  I’ve heard there’s another northern photo to join the page as well.  With two full days of fishing left, I’m certain we’ll see several more.

Here it is, the announcement you’ve all been waiting for:  the first-ever Tall Pines Camp guest laundry facility is officially operational!  I can no longer call this a pilot project ’cause now that it’s done we’ll never undo it!  Gruper has put A LOT of thought, time, energy, frustration, sweat, and Bud Light into this project of mine.  I had no idea (obviously) what I was promising all of you!  First he and Kevin had to make some room in the building:


We used to keep an extra appliance or two in that building just in case of emergencies.  Items were relocated to my central command zone under the Bear’s Den.

Then a guy with a trencher had to visit and dig for new wiring:



Once the guys got the wiring done, the guy returned and filled in most of the trench.  Now Gruper is smoothing it out so our campground guests don’t have a muddy mess.

Sandra, Eldon and Wilma were the official first laundry doers.  The washer was great, but the dryer had some issues that required additional tweaking.  The final tweaks occured today, and we’ve been cleared for operation:)  Hip, hip, hooray!

Speaking of Sandra and Wilma, here they are now:


We went to Dryden yesterday.  Sandra got a couple of tattoos–she’s so brave!  I’ll see if she’ll let me photo them to share…

Going to Dryden gave me reason to don my newest, cutest-ever-in-my-life footwear:


Sister Rebecca does not find them so cute.  I, however, LOVE them:) 

My goal is to do another entry on Sunday, then begin my regular weekly Sunday chats with you.  Bear with me!  Until next time…

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