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Our 12th Season is Officially Open

Indeed, yesterday was opening day of another season.  The weather was beautiful–perhaps too much so.  Folks were really struggling to find fish in their usual opening week places.  Gruper went out for a short bit and reported a water temp of 54!!  Let’s put that in perspective:  last year at this time the ice was just moving out which meant the water temp was in the low 30’s.  A water temp of 54 is more like mid to late-June temps which means folks may have to make some changes.  We had blue skies, no wind, and temps in the low to mid-60’s.  It was so nice!

beautiful opener

Usually opening day is crappy.  SO….we missed it by only one day.  Yes, today is horrible!!! It’s been raining since some time in the middle of the night; it is COLD; it is WINDY; and there’s a chance of sleet/snow tonight and tomorrow:(  I’ll need to cover my rhubarb tonight, and Gruper has just started a fire in preparation for tonight’s below-freezing temps.  The good news is that the lake should raise a bit and water temps should drop a bit.  I guess it can’t be all about me;)

Eldon and Sandra arrived Wednesday.  They love to get here early, hang out and enjoy the peace.  They really love Cabin 4, the original logger.  This year Murray had a new door and new porch floor ready for them!

4 door

4 floor

NICE!  We have really had some nice weather for projects (until today).  I finished painting 9 and 10’s porches this week. We have the happiest saw horses in town.  Doesn’t this look like a smiling beaver?

happy sawhorse

I have been working on a “special” door for a few days:

special door

You’ll see why it’s special next week!  I am quite proud of it.  Speaking of proud, we are extra proud of our niece Wendy and our nephew Jake right now!!!  Wendy graduated from Western Illinois University yesterday with her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Ed (yes, I tried to talk her out of it).  Jake committed to another six years with the United States Navy this week!  Here they are:



They are both terrific people and loving parents as well:)  We love you!!!

In other news, I have a report on the Canadian Girl Guide cookies.  I’ve always thought they had just one flavor of cookie, as opposed to our 10ish varieties of Girl Scout Cookies.  I told my friend Wanda, a Girl Guide leader, that I would bring up several different types of our cookies and trade her for their hydrox-style cookie (which is very good).  She informed me that they sell a mint patty in the fall and that she’d throw in some of those.  Let me tell you, folks, this mint cookie ROCKS.  I’m not a big fan of our Thin Mint; however, this Canadian mint patty is unbelievable.  It’s more like a York Peppermint Pattie in style–there’s a layer of minty goodness inside (the white stuff in this pic):



I’ll close with a picture from the much-more-lovely yesterday evening in hopes that this nastiness will pass soon:)

sun thru trees
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