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Season 8 Begins

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was our official opener.  Eldon, Sandra, and Wilma arrived Thursday to just hang out, relax, and give Gruper some grief!  He lost a bet with Sandra and has to wear a Minnesota Vikings shirt all week!  John and Marie hit the campground on Friday, and our big group from the Green Bay area arrived Friday night. 

Let the season begin!

With the return of the season comes some familiar faces…some desirable, others not so desirable.

Eldon assumed his position in the tree above Cabin 4 on Wednesday.  We hadn’t seen him before and we haven’t seen him since(?)  I think he just wanted to make sure things were going OK and he’ll soon be back into his routine.

The northerns have been in their dockside feeding hole for a few days.  No pic (yet).

This little rascal…

"Who, me?"

Yes, you…has been raiding our duck houses.  He’s wearing a collar, so we wonder if he’s being tracked by the MNR?

You can kind of see the collar in this pic.

This morning there was a broken egg outside that duck house.  Right after I took the picture of the egg, Steve said a duck flew into the house.  Hopefully she still has something to sit on in there.

Our deer on the driveway were apparently wandering clear up by Cabins 9 and 10.

The weather’s been cooler this week.  We had a lot of rain yesterday.  Today started out cloudy and cool but ended up quite warm and sunny.  The rhubarb has grown by leaps and bounds.  We’ll try it this year and see if it’s ready. 

Fishing yesterday produced a variety of results.  Sandra caught a bunch of whitefish!  She was also getting plucked a lot, probably by perch.  Eldon got into the northerns.  John and Marie caught walleye, perch, and smallmouth.  Gruper caught three nice perch, a smallmouth and a good northern.  Max and I had a perch omelet for breakfast today; Gruper had bacon;)  One of our Green Bay guys released a 45″ northern!  Watch for that on the website.  Maybe I’ll post here as well(?)  Max caught a couple of 20″ northerns earlier in the week.  He kept them because he wants to become an expert Y-boner.  He determined these to be too small:

I’ll close with a super sunset!  Talk to you next Sunday if not sooner.  Have a great week!

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