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Signs of Doneness

Welcome back!  I know it’s been nearly two weeks, but I did give fair warning.  Actually, Gruper and I took a little vacation!  It was our first time leaving TOGETHER for a trip from here.  I take that back:  we road-tripped to Regina, SK, to see the Rolling Stones one year:)  Anyway, Murray stayed here and kept an eye on Freya while we visited Seattle, Tacoma and Whidbey Island.  It was honestly a lovely trip!  All of the travel went smoothly, the weather was outstanding, and Camp was 100% in-tact when we returned.  We are blessed.

The weather here in Perrault Falls has been lovely as well.  The colors have stayed in place, meaning no aggressive winds or rains.  The driveway looks so pretty:


That’s about as red as we get.  These shots show the glory of autumn up here:  the contrasts

fall narrows

Before we headed west I attended sign-making class again.  Here’s my latest creation:

laundry room sign

Murray’s been busy…I think I’ve mentioned that a couple of times.  Are you ready?  Check out the Bear’s Den’s fancy new roof:


Beautiful!  It is well worth the wait!

Yesterday’s weather was perfect for getting the docks moved.  They join the two sets, then Gruper floats them down to their winter resting spot.


I’m still washing and bagging bedding.  It takes a while.  I take advantage of this quiet time to inventory the cabins as well, replacing items as necessary.  It saves me a bit of time come spring.

It’s time for some vacation photos (oooohhhh)!  I’ll post Seattle and Tacoma here, then save Whidbey Island for my next entry.  Gruper had never been to Seattle.  I’ve been there a few times…mostly just to visit Pike Place Market:)  I took Gruper there for a haircut (he gets shaggy fast)!  Check out the vintage chair!

barber chair

The ferris wheel and pig are photo requirements of all tourists!

ferris wheel

I enjoy the shopping of course:)  The fish market is hilarious.  Anyone involved with customer service has probably seen the training video made there.  It really is like the video.  The flower vendors are worth the trip.  Hundreds of bouquets for $10-$15!


We drove to Tacoma our second day.  We have a wonderful friend who moved there several years ago.  Also, Gruper begged me to take him to the Museum of Glass (OK….not really).  It doesn’t take long to figure out that I have an affinity for glass art.  I’ve visited the Museum before and was excited to return.  The bridge is the best part!  The work of Dale Chihuly fills the bridge!  Then, overhead is panes of glass filled with colorful glass of all shapes and sizes.  I feel like I’m in a kaleidoscope!

chihuly bridge
chihuly in bridge


I even found a heart in honor of our 21st wedding anniversary that very day!

chihuly heart

Gruper was beside himself with excitement:


Inside the museum I found this delightful pig designed by a child and created by the on-site blowers at the Museum:

glass pig

This fruit display was huge and cool…

glass fruit

Outside is the reflecting pool!  Two of my favorite things in harmony:  reflections and glass!  I’d love to see this at night:


Union Station highlights large works of Chihuly as well.  Check these out:


and my personal favorite art pic from the trip:


That giant piece is hanging from the ceiling!!!

Outside Union Station, Gruper found a rather stoic figure:


We visited the Washington Museum of History.  I want to make a beaded shawl:


We saw both ends of the boat spectrum:


At the American Car Museum we were photoed in a 1923 Buick:


That evening we met our dear friend Vickie for a drive and dinner!  I had prawn tacos:)


It was a wonderful anniversary!


Friday morning came quickly.  We ferried the car to Whidbey Island.


and that’s where I’ll stop!  I still have plenty of work to do!  Stay tuned….

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