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Sunshine and mayflies and 80’s–oh my!

Well, last week was a week of very warm weather, no wind, lots of sunshine and a mayfly hatch.  Given that, you’re probably expecting a poor fishing report.  NO WAY, JOSE!  We actually had a pretty darned good week of fishing in some not-so-good conditions.

Water temps are in the low 70’s so we figured the walleye would go deep.  However, most of our guests were catching them in 8-12′ of water.  Drifting, jigging, trolling–all produced results again this week.  The live bait of choice seemed to be minnows though folks were doing well with crawlers, too. 

We saw plenty of perch again, many of which came from a nice little spot on 2nd Lake.  Charlie, Donna and Anna had success with walleye and perch on that spot most of the week:)  They were new to the Lake, as were nearly all of our guests.  Rick, Geoff and their boys had a blast!  They explored quite a bit of the Lake and spent a lot of time at Gawley’s Bay.  Ricky released a nice 22″ walleye:

The guys came in with a nice batch of eaters:

I stole this photo from their camera–it made me smile:

Potluck was another raging success!  Darryl and Raemona MADE ice cream!!!Our guests would never have missed us if we had stayed in the house.  Folks ended up fishing together the next day!  That’s how it should be, we think.  As always, potluck provides the opportunity for folks to put on their Sunday best.  Steve W. made a great fashion statement, though he’s a bit conflicted (check out his hat vs. his shirt):

Gruper and I have a new mom in Camp.  He found her sitting on her nest.  We’ve since seen here itty-bitty babies and hope to get a photo soon:

We visited an island on 1st Lake to see if we could spot an eagle some guests had reported behaving oddly.  We didn’t see the eagle but we did see another bird:

Let’s use the zoom:

Don Got took a nice photo of Eldon while he was here

and Robin snapped this shot of an eagle carrying a fish in its talons!

Don Got also sent some photos from their trip a few weeks ago:

Looks like the Bear’s Den had enough for dinner:)

David’s group of two weeks ago got into some nice slot northerns:

They were a super nice group of guys and we hope to see them again next year

See you later this month, David (nice hat)!

Don Got captured a couple of good sunsets during their stay a few weeks ago:

I caught a couple myself last week.  There were many to choose from:


I close asking you to keep My Girl in your thoughts.  She had what we think was a heat stroke a week ago last Friday.  She rallied back a bit but seems to be fading fast.  She still ambles down to the Lake for a good drink

and rests by the trees

and lets me love on her a bunch.  She’s in no pain so we’ll let her hang around.  Say a good word for her:)

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