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’twas the night before opener

Well, here we go:  season 7.  Things are in pretty good order and ready for action.  Eldon, Sandra and Wilma arrived yesterday.  They just love to hang out and look at the lake, enjoy the quiet, etc.  Our Green Bay group is arriving as I type. 

It’s going to be unseasonably warm this week:  70’s.  I’ll let you know how fishing patterns fare.

We took a little road trip the other day.  I went exploring.  There was evidence of different types of life:





Here, let me pick that up and throw it away for you.  My gosh, people, leave it better than you find it…

I photographed some other stuff too:


a pair of content rocks

ants making a hill

evidence of a bad bird massacre

I saw a yearling moose earlier in the week when I went to Ear Falls.  It looked confused.  I figure its mom is getting ready to calf again so she told this one to venture on its own.  Steve and I saw a nice cow moose yesterday during a road trip.  We also saw two nice bears.  They must be waking up finally:

Sunsets have been lovely this week.  Here’s my favorite so far:

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