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Week 2

Hi there! 

First of all, I keep forgetting to tell you:  you can bring potatoes from the U.S. now!  How about that???  They must be U.S. Grade #1, in the purchased package (no loose potatoes), and no more than 10 lbs. per person.  Whoo-hoo…progress in motion.

I’ve posted Week 1’s photos on our website (  You can click on a thumbnail to see an enlarged photo.  Just a reminder that the program is optional but we love it when folks participate.  Only one walleye made the cut (24″ or larger).  We expect that early in the season as those cookie-cutter males are in abundance (16″ish).  Watch for larger releases in the next few weeks.

This week is quiet around Camp.  It’s the “extra” week that we get on a long season–between opener and Memorial Day weekend.  We have a new group of 9 in the Bear’s Den.  They are doing great!  They found walleye Saturday afternoon and have just kept finding more and better fish!  They went into Keynote today and returned with some nice walleye and smallmouth (under 13.75″ of course, until July 1).  They also found walleye and smallmouth right here in 1st Lake, within eyeshot of Camp!  One of their three boats had their limit of walleye super fast this morning!  It’s always nice to see Lake virgins do well:) 

John, Marie and Rachel are in the campground.  As always, John has navigated his crew into awesome fishing since they arrived Friday.  They have done well on walleye in Aerobus arm, North Bay and Keynote thus far.  They’ve also caught some very nice perch!  John and Marie are the two longest participants in the Conservation Awards Program.  This year they stand to get their sixth consecutive recognition prize:  a second patch to go on their fourth year duffel bags.  Marie usually outfishes John by the way.  Today, though, Marie was the net person for daughter Rachel who was unstopable!  Reports for walleye depth are still around 7′.

Our big northern guys arrived today.  They’ll do just fine.  I’ll keep you posted. 

We’re getting some more rain today and temps are considerably cooler than they’ve been for a couple weeks. 

Steve attended fire truck training today.  Hopefully the guys won’t need to use it, but it’s good to know how just in case. 

I’ll share some of Sandra’s photos now.  I mentioned that she and I went moose stomping the other day.  She took some good photos.  This beaver dam is built around a stand of trees.  It’s incredibly well constructed.

This little copper toad looked mean.

This was the tiniest toad I've ever seen.

Wolf poop

Those are teeth and bones in wolf poop...ick!

Yearling boy...see his spikes?

Eldon kept a watchful eye on Eldon.

We have two goose families with a total of nine babies.

10:00 one night

a bit later one night

I think this was taken specifically for me:) Thanks!

Moose love--is it wrong?


Wilma stayed in the cabin and created a beautiful gift! Thank you so much!

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