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What A Week!

Hi there.  We have lots to talk about.  We’ll start with a fishing report:  suffice it to say that last week’s fishing was incredible.  We had a full camp–check out the  main dock early in the morning:

The other dock was full as well.

Anyway, I digress.  We had many of our “regular” guests, some guests who were new to us but not new to Wabaskang, and some guests who were all around Wabaskang virgins.  EVERYONE did well.  Walleye were biting on anything–minnows, worms, leeches, artificials, gummy bears (OK, I made that one up).  Limits were made every day:

We overheard comments such as, “We released at least 200 walleye in the last day and a half,” and “We can’t find a place in the lake that doesn’t have fish.”  How wonderful for us to have that kind of fishing and that happy of guests!  For the most part, folks were fishing 8-12′.  Keynote is coming on nicely for walleye, and 2nd Lake and North Bay continued to be hot spots.

Perch are hot, hot, hot right now!  This seems a bit early compared to past years but maybe not(?)  They are certainly schooling up 100% better than last year.

bucket o' piggies

There’s a little bay on the top end of 2nd Lake where the perch have been hot, and Ruby and Mud both seem to be producing quite well.

One group caught a nice batch of eater northerns for making Poor Man’s Lobster (a favorite of mine):

I big, fat 39″ northern was released this week for the Conservation Program.  As soon as I get that photo I’ll add it to the website.  I’ve already added two 25″ walleyes and a couple of 19″ bass.  Check them out at

Flowers are blooming nicely, both wild

Lupines are my favorite up here...thanks Steve:)

and not so wild:

The campground pavilion has its own wildlife going on:

baby robins:)

hornets or wasps

Barb, who has a big bass release on the website, brought in a tiny walleye and then released it:

Steve went fishing with Ron and the boys and snapped this photo of a very nice bull moose:

This dragonfly looked quite natural on a Tall Pines Camp toque:

Guess that makes it a "schwagonfly."

Hey, what’s that on our house?

That’s right.  We have gone officially wi-fi camp-wide.  Some areas get better reception than others but the capability is there.  A big shout out to Tommy O. for his help getting this done.  I’ll try to get some specs from him for optimum performance from laptops and wireless cards.  Obviously, some systems will do better than others but at least we’re giving it an honest “go.”

THIS JUST IN:  this week’s Wabaskang Lake virgins, Kevin & Aaron, went out for a couple of hours this afternoon and slayed fish!  That’s right, they’ve never been on this lake and came back with dinner!  They estimated they caught at least 30 fish in 1.5 hours.  Most of their walleye were small–13″ or so–but they kept two good 15-16″ eaters and a couple of eater northerns.  Good for them:)  Tomorrow we’ll send them to a new spot!  We strongly encourage all of our guests to get out and see all of Wabaskang Lake.  This fishery is phenomenal and beautiful and needs to be experienced.

Until next time.

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