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About Us:

Tall Pines Camp was established in 1947, and was originally called Ballard's Tall Pines Camp, named after Rennie Ballard.  Since the first cabins were built by the Ballards, there have been six other owners, each making gradual improvements.  Ryan and Bridget are its current owners and hosts.  Since 2019 they have been honored to be a part of the Tall Pines family, continue long running traditions, and keep the history of this beautiful fishing camp alive.  From the Midwest, they were at a point in their lives where they were ready to start a new adventure.   They met in 1996 at Eastern Illinois University, and have been happily married since 2002.  


Prior to running Tall Pines, Ryan operated his own painting/remodeling company for 20 years, and now uses those skills at camp.  Bridget was a middle and high school teacher for 22 years.   They both love the outdoors,  nature, and travelling; Ryan has been fishing Canada since he was a kid, and it was a dream to run a camp like this for years.  "God provided us this amazing opportunity, and we witness His presence everywhere up here," Bridget says.   They have embraced this lifestyle and love sharing it with others.  

Earl joined Tall Pines in 2019 as our dockhand, though he wears many hats here.  He is from Newfoundland Canada, comes with many years experience in the business, and his wife Patsy is  also a blessing to us.  Ryan, Earl, and Bridget worked hard during the entire border closure to make camp improvements and love that guests can now enjoy these comforts. 


Our mission is to share this opportunity we've been given so guests can create memories with their loved ones, accomplish their own dreams, respect and conserve our resources God has provided, and can share our love of God’s country. 

Together, we are comitted to this mission and making your Tall Pines fishing vacation an unforgettable one!


Ryan and Bridget Taylor

Your Hosts

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