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Maps and Directions:


Enter Canada through International Falls/Fort Frances and travel east on Hwy 11 (about 20 miles), turn left (north) on Highway 502 to Dryden (about 90 miles).   Take 594 into Dryden then follow Highway 17 west to Highway 105 (about 25 miles).  Finally, turn right (north) on highway 105  into Perrault Falls and look for the Tall Pines Camp sign (about 40 miles). We are 1 mile past Dutchies general store.

***GPS on phone/vehicle.  Enter Destination Address:  ON-105, Perrault Falls, ON P0V (P, zero, V)

By Plane:

You can fly into Winnipeg via American Airlines or Northwest Airlines. You can rent a car in Winnipeg (approximately 4 hours) or you can fly to Dryden via Canadian Airlines. We are approximately 1 hr 15 minutes north of Dryden. You can rent a car from there or we can make arrangements to pick you up.  Due to Covid, not all flights may be running and there may be additional travel requirements. 

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