May 20 Update:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced that the border will remain closed another 30 days.  Here is the press conference announcement.    We are sorry for those that are affected by this news.   The Ontario Provincial emergency orders now expire May 29th.   We will be calling today and tomorrow guests booked through June 20th.  We thank all our guests and supporters for their understanding, flexibility, and loyalty to Tall Pines.  As I recently put out on a Facebook post, the feedback we receive daily from our Tall Pines family truly shows why our camp is so special.

May 16 Update: 

Ontario is moving along in their Framework for opening Ontario Plan.  Beginning Saturday May 16,th seasonal campgrounds and marinas were allowed to open!  Other businesses are opening too now, and we are hopeful accomodations (cabins) will be in next phase to open.  Issue of border opening is a Federal decision, so we are still waiting on that decision which should come May 20th.



May 13th Update:

The state of emergency orders have now been extended until June 2nd.  While the border closure agreement between US/Canada is set to expire May 20th, we do not anticipate that happening based on this new information.  If closure gets extended beyond June 2nd, we may be forced to cancel additional weeks.  For more, click here to read the press release.   To get updates, feel free to Like our Facebook Page, or signup to get Blog announcements on our Blog page.

April 28th Update:

All currently established emergency orders remain in place.  These include the closure of outdoor amenities, parks and recreational areas, non essential workplaces which Tall Pines falls under. The state of emergency declaration, which allows government to use all available tools/resources at its disposal, also remains in place with the next review set to take place by May 12th with possibility of extension.

Finally, there is now a written document that outlines how the Ontario Provence plans to re-open.  We are hopeful that our business would fall in Phase 1 as we believe we could meet current public health guidelines by making a few adjustments.   If you want further reading here is the link: Reopening Ontario after Covid-19   While areas such as Toronto and Quebec Provence may be more densely populated, it is recognized that most of Ontario is rural, and thus a different landscape.  This could be compared to how states here in the U.S. are lifting restrictions independent from one another, based on their data.

The Canada-US border remains closed to all non-essential travel including leisure, recreation and tourism. The extension of this closure will remain in place until May 20th, with possibility of extension upon review. NOTO, along with other tourism organizations continue to press Government to allow Americans to cross the border.

Please reach out to us if you have questions about your upcoming trip.  Ryan, Bridget, Earl, and Patsy are ready to open camp as soon as we get the green light.  We also are mindful  to provide and ensure a safe environment for our guests and are already looking at public health guidelines to see what changes need to take place.  We understand there are still many unknowns and appreciate the continued support from you as well as our local Perrault Falls community that has been so helpful throughout this.

April 18th Update:

The border is still closed at this time, and as of today we do not have a an exact date for reopening.  


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Saturday April 18th that he is extending border closure for another 30 days (May 21st is what I heard from Perrault Falls Adventure Association).  The earlier state of emergency was set to expire this week. While Trump is pushing that U.S./Canada border would be among the first to open, Trudeau says it will be undoubtedly longer before restrictions are removed.  We will be contacting our May and early June guests over the next few days to discuss options. All other reservations we will hold for now until we have more concrete information. Again, we are hopeful and optimistic that we will have a good portion of our season.  

 We are participating in video conferences with organizations NOTO and TIAC which act as liaisons between the Canadian government/Ministry and our fishing tourism industry.

Due to the Covid-19 and the circumstances out of all our control, we will honor deposits to be reapplied over the next two years. Please call or email us if you need to discuss your specific situation and we will do our best to work with you.

 We are sorry for the anxiety this pandemic has caused in regards to your planned trip.  This is a trying time, and we thank you for your Tall Pines loyalty and support. Keep praying everyone. 

Bridget and Ryan

Tall Pines Camp is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations: 

Nature and Outdoor Tourism Organization, Sunset Country Ontario, LincolnWay Central Anglers ClubWBIG The Big Outdoors Show, Fox Valley Anglers Club, Camper Report, Tinley Park Athletic Booster Club,  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Fox Valley Chapter,  and Captain Ralph Lake Michigan  Fishing Charters.

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