Border Update as of 7/21:

At this time:

August 9th, vaccinated Americans are allowed to cross given these parameters:

*negative 72 hour covid test result presented at border

* proof of vaccination


*download the ArriveCan app (free) and submit info prior to arrival at border to expedite process

*possible at border tests given- no specifics yet given

*have a "quarantine plan" that we will create for you (in the unlikely event that you got Covid while in Canada, we would provide you with a cabin to self-isolate in for up to 14 days)

**Unvaccinated children under 12 years of age and dependents of fully vaccinated travellers eligible for entry to Canada will be exempt from quarantine.

**Americans will not be denied re-entry to US after their stay (It is Canadians that could be denied entry, upon latest announcement)

Ryan and Bridget have reached out to everyone on our fall callback list and current reservation list and are just waiting to hear back from a few.  For those wanting to plan an August or September trip, please

email us or call the 888# if you haven't already and want to get on the list- we still have a few openings!  We also have some openings for our "Opener Week" August 9- 14th (cabins open at 4 a.m.!) 

We will coordinate with all our booked guests to help you in any new processes to get you here.  As more details come out this week we will update here and to social media.  Please be patient as we get back to you as soon as possible.

We also understand some of the area fishing camps will not open for a variety of reasons.  We are happy to accommodate those guests for this year, and respect your loyalty to them for next year.

We also understand that not everyone has been vaccinated and it is a personal decision for each family.  We will work with those that can't make their fall trip due to these new parameters.