6/10/2021 Border Update:

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There is now movement in government; while it is all talk at this point, it is positive and Trudeau is expected to make an announcement on or before June 21st.  There are numerous articles and news stations reporting on the talk of opening border and easing restrictions.  Please join us in spreading the word by using #openthebordersjune22  on all your social media.  You can also view articles by searching for this in Google and Youtube.  You can also contact your state House of Representative as there is currently a bill there addressing the need for re-opening the border.

We have already cancelled guest bookings from May through July 10th, but there are a few that we have not been able to reach- if you had a May/June trip, please reschedule by emailing us as soon as possible.  There is a waiting list on those dates and we want to give our original bookings the courtesy before opening those up.

We will wait and see about trips beyond July 10th and again are hopeful for a partial season.  As always, reach out with questions and concerns about your specific situation.  Ryan and Bridget are at camp now and quite busy, but email or call our 888-413-3454 and we'll get back to you within 12 hours.