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Get Your Fishing On Kids

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Coloring Pages- print at home and have fun!

 Create your own drawing that captures the one-of-a-kind experience of being at Tall Pines.  Crayons, paint, markers- whatever supplies Mom gives you permission to use.   Have a parent email picture of it! 

Just got back from Tall Pines trip?  Make a video or digital picture album for a show and tell with your family or friends.  For extra fun, make a

commericial with a jingle, script, or play with app features you may have for adding props and background.  

Coming to Tall Pines soon?   Start planning out your trip:  Help Mom and Dad make a list of what to pack, sort out your tacklebox, make a list of food and games/books you want to bring, and plan where on the Wabaskang you want to cast!  Using the map on Fishing Page as a reference, draw your own version of Wabaskang with stars on where you want to go; don't forget to mark where Tall Pines is!

 It takes 10,000 casts to master the craft.  Get an early start practicing casting in your backyard!  Place a hoola hoop/jumprope or some kind of target a set distance away and cast your fishing rod (use a practice weight on end- no hooks!).  Try and land weight in target zone.  Change distance and challenge family members to best out of 20 contests!

Make your own fishing game and challenge your sister, brother, grandparent, or a neighbor- you get to make up the rules.

Explore topics on Youtube such as: 

How to tie a fishing knot?  How to cast an open-face reel?  How to put a worm on the hook?  How to fish with a jig and minnow?

For those more experienced kids, explore topics such as:

  How to properly release a big fish?  How to handle a northern pike?  How to properly hold a walleye?  What tackle is best to use fishing for ______?   Why is fish conservation important?  I want to learn about walleye

Got a project for school?  Use your new knowledge in a presentation, making a video, writing a report, or making a GoogleSlide to teach your classmates or teacher!  And of course, you can show Bridget at camp for a prize.

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