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2017 Arrival

Greetings and Happy New Year!

We arrived in Camp on April 29.  Our trip was uneventful, but we were greeted with quite a sight:


Despite warnings about the impending snow we stuck with our departure plan.  We had to drive pretty slowly for about 50-60 miles of 502 and unloading was a bit more difficult, but we survived.  Check out the open water!

The snow lasted only a few days because of tremendous sunshine and semi-decent temps.  This fox did not care for our arrival:


Besides the fox, we’ve seen two moose just north of the driveway, a beaver, three otters


no, no, no!  Three live otters swimming in front of Camp daily!

We’ve seen a cute bunny being courted by a very friendly grouse:

great grouse pic
great grouse 3
great grouse 2

I was hoping he would drum but no such luck:(  Frank saw a mama bear with two cubs today–very cool.  Oh, how rude of me!!!  Everyone, meet Frank:


He comes to us all the way from Newfoundland!  He arrived via bus on Thursday and begins work tomorrow.  He is looking very forward to meeting our guests!  Welcome, Frank!!!!

Cabin cleaning is well under way.  I am exhausted.  I allow myself reward time each day, e.g., yesterday I had kitchen time for a reward


I broke out the Veggetti and made a nice marina.  Gruper had whole wheat rotini instead of Veggetti.  He was out of homemade cookies so I mixed up some marbled chippers

marble cookies

I fanned napkins (and Sal doesn’t think I’m paying attention when she does that);)

Today’s reward was to get to do a quick blog entry.  You’ve been very patient waiting for me to fire her up!

I’ll close wishing my father, Herman, a happy Heavenly birthday…he’d have been 95 today.  He is joined this year by my biggest brother Dan, who just passed away on April 15 from lung cancer.  He was 64 and leaves behind the love of his life, Connie, our oldest nephew Danny and his wife ‘Nessa, our niece Wendy, and our great-nieces Mya, Alysha and Emma.  Needless to say, it’s been a bit tougher transitioning this year but I’m getting there.  Thank God the sun is shining!  Here’s Dan with Connie (notice his TPC cap) at our niece Anna’s wedding:

Dan and Connie

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