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That’s the best way to describe last week.  We had a nice mix of new and used guests, and everyone caught fish!  There was painting, picking, lovely weather, and just plain fun!  I picked some raspberries for Gruper’s favorite pie.  Talk about a labor of love–oy.  I’m sticking with blueberries from here on out.

Wayne and LeaAnn were back.  They come for two things:  perch and blueberries.  The funny thing is that they don’t keep their perch, they just count them.  This year’s total was OVER 800!  As far as berries, they had more in a week than I’ve gotten so far (about 6 gallons for me…more for them).  They (Wayne) are serious about their perching and picking:)  They were fishing cabbage weed edges and casting for northerns.  The perch wanted to join in the action!

Isaac and Steph were new to us.  They had a great week!  Self-described “river rats,” they tackled Wabaskang and did a great job.  They were celebrating 20 years of marriage and the honeymoon they never took:)  They liked Aerobus Arm a lot.  They used #5 Mepps spinners and a Beetle Spin (our guy Duane would be proud!).

Steve and Katie returned as well.  I received some nice pics for them which you’ll see in a week or two.  I’d like to thank everyone who has been sending blog fodder!  I have a nice batch and will always take more!

Most of Fred’s family returned a couple of weeks ago.  It’s always nice to see them.  They’ve been coming since long before us and were part of the welcoming committee when we started here 14 years ago.  Bruce and Steve, two of Fred’s sons, are a bit competitive which adds to their fun.  Grandson Aiden added a nice walleye to the Big Fish page while they visited this year which was exciting.  Here are some other pics from them:

Addison likes to mix it up while she’s out fishing (she’s also a good picker!):

Brennan holds a northern like I do;)


Here’s Aiden’s nice walleye:


I loved this pic of three generations!


Bonnie likes to get into pike of size!


I can only hope that Diane was doing this for Jean’s class(?)


Bruce had the long and the short of it a couple of times:

He had a pretty good week of walleye…


BUT, his brother Steve did note that his “was the largest the group caught. 22″. Bigger than any of Bruce’s.”


I was floored by some of the incredible sky and reflection pictures I received this year!  Besides our very mild temps this summer, we have had endless beautiful, colorful sunsets!  I’ll start with a few here:


We’ve had about one foggy morning each week…pretty in its own way:

These pics both stood out to me:

I really liked these sky reflections as well:


The simplicity of this reflection made it my second favorite “pic” of the crop;)

great reflectioncomp

My favorite pic has a spiritual feel to me.  I just love it!  Thanks for sharing all of these pics, Guys!  See you next year:)


This seems like a good stopping point for now.  See you all soon!

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