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A Good Week

Greetings!  Opening week went pretty well.  Frank was pretty tired of us and seemed happy to meet some guests, clean some fish, and get a glimpse of true Camp life.

Fishing was a bit funky.  Water temps are in the 50’s.  I figured walleye would have moved out a bit, but some folks were finding them at 4.5′!  Others were finding them a bit deeper, but 4.5′ seemed freakishly shallow.  Bruce’s group experienced the most success with a white or green jig head and a glittery blue twister tail (at least that’s when they left in their cabin).  Those guys are so nice and have such a great time.  It was particularly exciting to see Smedley;)

Big northerns were not in short supply last week!  Those who came looking for monsters were not disappointed!  I’ve added four to the Big Fish page (…scroll to the bottom and click) and should be getting a few more pics.  Since I posted Scott’s on our Facebook page (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario), I’ll share it here as well.  He released this 47″ monster and is taking us up on our offer to pay the price difference to get a replica (so someone else can experience the thrill of catching the fish of a lifetime):


Wow.  That’s about all I have to say ’bout that.  Paul and Tony caught their share of big fish last week as well.  I’ve put two of Paul’s northerns and a smallie on the Big Fish page.  Here’s yet another beauty, beautifully released:


I like this pic Paul or Tony took…it just looks like the beginning of a perfect day:


Was this a big jumper or a “fish on”?  Either way, it’s fun!


Paul always find a few piggy perch during his visit.  I chuckled to myself when I saw the lower left-side of this pic.  Sushi in its truest form??  You know I’d try it!


Paul always gives me a sunset…probably the end of a perfect day knowing him:


Karl brought the whole fam damily (at least, I think it is….) this year!  He and son Keith have fished with us several times.  Last year we met Dorothy, and this year we got to meet Joel!


Walleye were tough for Karl and Keith this year but they never give up.  Karl ended up putting a 23″ and a 26″ on the Big Fish page!  Karl is very, very tall.  When he holds the fish they just don’t look very big:(  Here’s Keith–not short by any means–holding his dad’s big fish:


Nice!  It’s not like Keith didn’t catch any walleye…


We had some cold days last week.  Keith had appropriate head gear:


I LOVED this picture when I found it on Karl’s phone:)


Hope to see all of you next year!  Bring more if you have ’em, Karl!

It was no secret we missed Sandra and Eldon this year.  They’ve become opening week staples over the years.  However, Vicky and Jeff–under peer pressure from their buddy Mike–moved their annual visit to opening week:)  This was good for me!  They fish hard but they come in and enjoy a bit o’ socialization.  Vicky and I are both a bit nerdy (Bazinga!) and both enjoy copious amounts of sugar.  Oy.  Here are Vicky and Jeff:


The group of four (including Kirk, a neighbor/new guy) had good variety fishing for the week.  Vicky usually outfishes everyone, and the guys are good sports about it.  Here she is with a couple of fish:


Mike and Kirk each added big bass to the Big Fish page:)  Here’s Mike with a smaller bass:


and a walleye…


Beautiful!  Kirk is not tall like Karl and knows it;)  Here’s Jeff holding a perfect keeper northern and Kirk acting as a size reference!


Love it!

Vicky’s always good for a beaver shot; I’d be lost without this:


The group of four is not opposed to having some fun at day’s end:


I LOVE this picture, will close with this picture, and will miss all four of you until next time!


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