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A Good Week

Week 2 was really good!  The weather was less volatile so the fish were more predictable.  I believe it is safe to say everyone was pretty happy this week.  Reese’s 18″ smallie, Pete’s 39″ northern, Dave’s 24.5″ walleye and Doug’s 32″ walleye were all added to our Conservation Awards page ( All species were SHALLOW (8′ or less was what I was hearing).  One guest was “sick of catching fish” by about Wednesday!Kenny released this beautiful 23″ walleye

Kens 23 W

I don’t know how big this bass was, but Frank let it go and sent me a nice picture:


Matt was back this year.  Here he is with his dad Doug and, yes, a crappie!

Matts crappiecomp

Not only did they see a crappie or two, they saw a bear out for a swim

swimming bear 1
swimming bear 2

John and Marie are back for their annual visit.  It is always so good to see them!  They brought Marie’s sister Beth who is quite the angler.  Here she is with a perfect 27″ northern (she and Marie look A LOT alike):

Beths N

John makes beautiful things.  I have many of his creations.  This year I received a gorgeous trivet with what I consider to be his signature leaf motif


rose and trivet


This one is my favorite.  It will probably show up at a sports show;)

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