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A Good Week and Another Good Photo Fest!

Greetings and thanks for tuning in! We just wrapped up another small week at Camp.  We had great guests who were good sports.  The weather continued to be a factor in our comfort level.  It was honestly as humid as home, and please remember we do not have air con up here!  The humidity always gives way to big electrical storms, and this week was no exception.  Big winds, big rain, and we feel powerless…oh, that’s right…we were powerless!  Power went out mid-afternoon on Sunday and did not come back on until 1:10 a.m.  It was soooooo hot:(  Everyone survived, though, and no one complained (except maybe me).  Gruper can sleep through anything.  Between the doorbell, the phone ringing with Hydro updates and my overly active mind, I had a horrible night’s sleep.  The voice in my head around 11:30 p.m.: “It’s been several hours since Gruper iced the minnows.  Those babies cost a lot of money.  It’d be a shame to just let them die.  You should go outside and ice them again…”  So I did.  I was mean come Monday; this buzzard had nothin’ on me:

Gruper and I were able to road trip to Red Lake this week!  Granted, it was work-related but at least we got out together and even had lunch in Ear Falls!  Between Red Lake and Ear Falls a nice wolf crossed the road:

That was all we saw for wildlife–at least I had my camera along this time.  Remember a few years back when I had frogs in my window well?  Well, I have them again!  This one likes to play Where’s Waldo:

I think Freya has discovered them as well…I found some entrails around the deck area of our house.  Gross.

The guys began tearing the overhang off of the Bear’s Den.  They’re going to replace icky boards before we get a new roof.  Speaking of new roof, please pray that our next bid comes in a bit more reasonable than the initial…

Dennis and Diana were here a couple of weeks ago.  Dennis has a big bass:

They had some good bird sightings:  mallards,


and a gnarly eagle’s nest complete with family members:

Here’s a pair of them!

Speaking of nests, this empty one was in the overhang of the Bear’s Den.  Murray scrambled up there and got it for me.  I’ll find a just-right place for it:

Back to Dennis and Diana’s pics!  They always get some good scenery shots:

and at least one good sunset:


and Amy

returned with their kids last week!  This family travels as a pack and makes the most of their time together.  Amy really likes to catch perch!  I shared the previous week’s guests’ tips:  troll using a harness.  Success!  They caught perch and walleye here on 1st Lake as well as out and about on Wabaskang!

Kissing fish???  That wasn’t all the kissing that was going on around Camp!  Devin pulled a Jimmy Houston:

Devin was on-board to learn how to clean fish this year!  Chuck provided the instruction:

Dominik also helped his brother (nice hat, Devin):

and Devin was so grateful, he kissed him:

and soon Devin was entrusted with the bounty!  That’s the problem, though, Devin:  you just added a skill to your set and will be expected to do it!  Sometimes ignorance really is bliss!

Shannon comes along to look pretty:

and provide fashion guidance (a girl after my own heart):

Oh, and apparently she provides the fish for the boys to clean:

and paints Chuck’s toenails:

Dominik is tired.

Was it from catching fish?

Was it from hanging with his mom?

No, he was tired because he was getting older!  He turned 16 on Wednesday (please pardon Amy’s shirt…).  He was bummed about having to wait five more days to get his license but handled it like a trooper!

They make quite a wake in the lake:

Oops!  That’s from the boat!  Here’s one from the kids:

I like these diving-reflection shots:

Looks like warrior pose, Shannon!

We’ll see you all again next year!

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