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A Shot in the Arm


Kevin showed Annie how to clean a northern:


They did very well for their first time on Wabaskang.  Rumor has it they are returning next year.  We enjoyed a bit of down time Friday night before they headed home.  Sherry and Mimzy/Boo enjoyed the nice evening:


And the girls declared the trip a rousing success!


Fishing was good again last week!  I’ve added Scott’s 27.5″ walleye to our Conservation Awards page.  Linda released a 24″ walleye; Jack released a 18″ smallie; and  Grant released a 19″ smallie (pictures, please).  Also, I added Rick’s 37″ northern from last week to the Conservation Awards page.  Folks were reporting lots of 14-16″ walleye throughout the week.  Perch were still up for the picking as well.  Smallies have moved onto their beds for spawning.  We can see about a half-dozen nests from our shore.  I’ll try to get a pic on a glass-lake day. This week is off to a good start.  John fished for a short bit on 2nd Lake yesterday and released a 23″ and 24″ walleye!

Most reports are that walleye are in 8-10′ of water, but some folks are reporting them a bit deeper.  Aaron released a beautiful 23″er on Friday:

Yes, Kevin and Aaron returned again!  They allowed me to dump their camera card.  I’ll try to use a few of their pics for the next few entries.  They enjoy fishing and exploring the lake.  Here are a couple more fishing pics:


A pair of turtles enjoyed a nap:

Maybe one of them was the one we saved Thursday evening???  One was crossing the road (unlike my seester Rebecca, we didn’t run over it), and Annie picked it up and got it safely to the shoulder. The guys had incredible moth action on their cabin!  I had never seen one like this:

Check out the secret this huge one had hiding under its wings–what a beautiful color:


These pelicans can keep on going:

darned pelicans

Can you see the loon on her precarious nest?

loon nest

This shot shows that things are not always black and white:


Most original shot of the season thus far:  an underwater loon!!


I took a well-deserved and long-overdue kitchen day Wednesday!  I made a giant venison loaf for potluck’s entrée.  The boys caught and cleaned a perfect 27″ northern, Debbie donated a gazillion limes and served as creative consultant via telephone, and I created a fantastic batch of ceviche!


When life hands you a ton of carrots, you make maple carrot cake:


We pick at it like buzzards

my buzzard

and this is what remains:


Linda made a yummy apple/pecan dish in cast iron.  It was very good:


Although Freya remains unimpressed


I appreciate your allowing me to reflect on an excellent week:)

boys reflection
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