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A Shot in the Arm


Kevin showed Annie how to clean a northern:


They did very well for their first time on Wabaskang.  Rumor has it they are returning next year.  We enjoyed a bit of down time Friday night before they headed home.  Sherry and Mimzy/Boo enjoyed the nice evening:


And the girls declared the trip a rousing success!


Fishing was good again last week!  I’ve added Scott’s 27.5″ walleye to our Conservation Awards page.  Linda released a 24″ walleye; Jack released a 18″ smallie; and  Grant released a 19″ smallie (pictures, please).  Also, I added Rick’s 37″ northern from last week to the Conservation Awards page.  Folks were reporting lots of 14-16″ walleye throughout the week.  Perch were still up for the picking as well.  Smallies have moved onto their beds for spawning.  We can see about a half-dozen nests from our shore.  I’ll try to get a pic on a glass-lake day. This week is off to a good start.  John fished for a short bit on 2nd Lake yesterday and released a 23″ and 24″ walleye!

Most reports are that walleye are in 8-10′ of water, but some folks are reporting them a bit deeper.  Aaron released a beautiful 23″er on Friday:



A pair of turtles enjoyed a nap:



These pelicans can keep on going:

darned pelicans

Can you see the loon on her precarious nest?

loon nest

This shot shows that things are not always black and white:


Most original shot of the season thus far:  an underwater loon!!


I took a well-deserved and long-overdue kitchen day Wednesday!  I made a giant venison loaf for potluck’s entrée.  The boys caught and cleaned a perfect 27″ northern, Debbie donated a gazillion limes and served as creative consultant via telephone, and I created a fantastic batch of ceviche!


When life hands you a ton of carrots, you make maple carrot cake:


We pick at it like buzzards

my buzzard

and this is what remains:


Linda made a yummy apple/pecan dish in cast iron.  It was very good:


Although Freya remains unimpressed


I appreciate your allowing me to reflect on an excellent week:)

boys reflection
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