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A tad bit late…

I know already–I’m a couple of days late.  To be honest, there’s not a lot of interesting stuff going on until the people arrive THIS WEEKEND!  Yes, Folks, that’s right–we’re counting down the days ’til opener.

I went to Ear Falls today.  I saw a cow and yearling calf on my way up and a big, old cow on my way back.  Those were our official first moose sightings of the season.  We let them out of the pen a few at a time so they can spread out before the tourists arrive;)

Steve and Kevin have been busy, busy, busy.  Looked like Cabin 6 was getting a new hot water heater today.  The Eagle’s Nest is in the midst of getting an upstairs shower.  Tubs and showers have been re-caulked.  The digger guy comes Friday to help finalize the laundry facility.  Here’s what I know ’bout that so far:  the washer and dryer have arrived and are mostly installed; each will take $2.75 Canadian (two loonies and three Canadian quarters); we will provide the detergent ’cause we want it to be septic friendly.  This project has been A LOT of work for ole Gruper! 

I’ve still been washing and hanging curtains, organizing, etc.  I had been cooking and baking up a storm for my new audience (Kevin); however, he has requested that he be removed from the breakfast plan as he feels the need to nap after he eats so much:(  I’ve never had someone quit breakfast before!  Apparently I was trying too hard to dazzle him (imagine that). 

Kevin’s plane is parked down by the Eagle’s Nest.  It had a nice reflection the other morning:

That’s the only photo I took this week! 

Now that sucks (a shout out to John and Marie)!

Thank goodness Jack and Marion are on the stick!  They sent along a couple of photos this week.  Also, I’ve begged and pleaded for a poem of Marion’s to share–the pressure’s on!

A heron from last year’s trip.


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