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An Even Better Week!

Week #3 was incredible!  I believe we ended up adding 13 big fish to the Conservation Awards page (  3 bass 18″ or greater, 2 northern 36″ or greater (including Brett’s 42″ hog), 1 perch 12″ or greater, and 7 walleye 24″ or greater!  I’m still waiting on a couple of smallie pics as well.  We know it’s tough returning those big perch, so THANK YOU, William!

One of the big walleye belonged to Jayden.  It was his first trip here and he says he’s coming back next year!  Here’s a photo of his first walleye:


Perch were being caught all over the place last week!  I heard tale of some 14″ and greater.  Assembly lines were created in the fish-cleaning facility to get those tasty treats packaged for home.  Skip had a good basket of them going, and when he went to add another here’s what he found:


The otter wanted to steal a snack and ended up drowning:(  I believe gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins(?)  Gruper has completed the necessary paperwork, and we may end up with a stuffed otter in one of the cabins.  I’m still not sure how I feel about that…

I posted a picture of Jim’s big northern against a measuring tape on Facebook earlier in the week.  Here’s a nice walleye against the tape before being returned:


Mike Schneider added a fish or two to the big fish page.  Here he is with a nice slot northern.  Many of them were caught last week:


The Martins had more than one moose sighting during their stay.  Here’s a nice one:


In other news, potluck was a hit!  We had Carolina pulled pork.  I had a ton of rhubarb (thank you) and made rhubarb upside down cake and rhubarb ice cream:

ice cream

It wasn’t as ice-creamy as I like–more like sorbet–but it had good flavor.  It was a fun experiment.  Freya was not impressed:


We had some great sunsets throughout the week!  Here are a few of my shots:




Those Schneiders have a better one though:  Sunset with a Friend


See you next week!

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