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And Before We Knew It,

it was October.  Indeed it is Oct. 1, our 18th wedding anniversary.  My how time flies.  We’ve been enjoying some unseasonably beautiful weather!  Temps have been in the mid to upper 70’s for several days running.  We fished both Sat. and Sun.  Today we did some grouse hunting.  I actually spied one (as I am the dog), which Gruper promptly murdered.  I don’t think I like being an accomplice to such brutal means.  I’ll try to block out the image when I’m eating the darned things.

As for fishing, one of us made the Conservation Awards Program.  Alas, it was not me.  My spouse released a 25″ walleye yesterday:


I know I usually don’t publish Big Fish pics in the blog, but well…  I also added Mary’s 2nd 24″ walleye to the page.  Be sure to check it out.

Back to our weekend.  Had the weather not been so lovely, I would have given up on fishing.  On Sat. I finally caught one walleye and missed one bite–that was it.  All the while, my fishing partner was catching, releasing, catching, etc.  Sunday started out much the same.  We had three leeches left at Camp, so I switched my minnow to a leech.  I began catching walleye!  They were small but that was fine by me!  Gruper continued to catch lovely, golden, fat walleye.  It’s not often I have a bad day fishing, but to nearly have two in a row would have been awful.

At one point yesterday we both kept getting stripped…minnow after minnow.  Gruper guessed it was tiny walleyes; I guessed it was a seasoned professional.  He finally caught the culprit:

That little fish had four whole minnows in him and was trying to take another when he was caught.  Gluttony will get you caught (and released).

Remember when I said that we thought Eldon had a date?  Well, Sandra believes the date went pretty darned well:

Hmmm.  Maybe we’ll have some eaglets ’round here next year???  We’ll get around to some more of Sandra’s pics in a minute.

I finally went through some of Mary and Dee’s pics from more than a month ago.  Roger and Dee were new to us.  They came up with our repeat offenders Ron and Mary (Mary’s the one who has TWO, 24″ walleye releases on the Awards page).  Here’s a great parade of mergansers she caught:

They all find each other in the fall…I don’t see any other duck that does that.  Here they are rocking out:

Mary and Ron showed Roger and Dee a lot of the lake during their 10-day stay.

They roadtripped to Vermilion Bay and to Egli’s Sheep Farm.  Nice hat, Dee:

They visited the bears:

They enjoyed the lovely fall scenery:

The did A LOT of fishing:

OK.  My upload time is FOREVER so I’m going to close with a couple of Sandra’s sunsets and a not-very-flattering photo of me in May:

My personal fave is this “four suns” pic:

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