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And Suddenly…September (& Troy’s turn)

It’s so hard to believe that September has arrived!  It seems like just yesterday we were arriving for our 13th season.  Wow…time really does fly when you live in six-month increments.

Gruper and I were able to get our for my belated birthday fishing last Monday.  It was a good day to see what we could find.  We ended up doing well on walleye but it took a while to find them.  When we hit 26.5’…BAM!  We did really well from 26.5-30′.  I caught first (it was dinky, but it was first); I’d say we were tied for most (8ish each); Gruper took variety due to this:

So, as he was reeling it in I’m all like, “It’s a perfect ceviche size!!!” and he’s like, cringing because he HATES putting them in the net, the boat, etc.  Anyway, it was 28″, 1/2″ too long to keep:(  RATS!  Not only does he get to live, but his presence scared off our walleye.  Drat.

Anyway, I digress.  Gruper also took the point for biggest, releasing this beautiful 21″ walleye:

You’d think the least he could do for my birthday is let me catch the biggest walleye!  I’m hoping we can sneak out this week again.  Cross your fingers for us.

Our guests had to work hard for their fish again last week.  Adam and Nick win the award for perseverance.  Those two guys fished HARD, and their cabin ended up taking home their walleye limits as well as a bunch o’ perch.  The guys were dismayed, though, because them come for the perch and had to work so hard for the walleye that they didn’t fill their limits.  Mark (our June perch master) might have to share, eh Adam?

I enjoyed a little away time with two lovely ladies.  We attended an acrylic class.  I decided great-nephew Jack needed something for his walls.  He’s a Seahawks fan so I tried to do their colors:

It was fun and relaxing.  Debbie and Anita rock:)

Our island friends were here, like, weeks ago.  We always enjoy our time with them though it goes too quickly.  They come here to relax, fish, and get away from it all.  They shared some great fishing pics this year.  Here’s Natalie with a sampler platter:

Katelyn does her share as well:

Nice photo bomb, Emma!  Speaking of whom, here’s Emma with some catches:

I wonder what Jennifer can do with these perfect eaters?

Perhaps stuff them…

Those girls don’t, like, totally unplug for the two weeks.  While at potluck they check in with the home front:

and spend some time with the Camp hostess:

We are always invited out (and sometimes even show up uninvited) for a quiet evening at the cabin.  Family dog Rudy DOES NOT like men.  Most men, that is:

He was even sporting Steve’s Best Bud apparel!  Hilarious friendship there!

So, Troy does a bit o’ fishing himself:

but mostly I think he and Jennifer just truly enjoy two weeks of awayness.  Here are their takes on some local scenery:

Here are some reflection-y shots:

Nice segue for terrific sunset shots.  This was that week of unlimited colors!

I’ll close with, hands down, my favorite shot that Troy sent.  It kind of messes with you!  Have a great week!

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