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Back at Work

Hi there.  I’ve been back in Canada since last Sunday evening and have just taken my time getting back into the swing of things.  Thanks for your patience.  

I need to send a huge thank-you to everyone for their kind thoughts, words and gestures during this horrible time.  We are so lucky to have such good guests and friends both here and at home.  Please continue to keep my sister, niece Jayme, great niece Mackayla, myself, and so many others in your thoughts and prayers.  Any positive energy is appreciated.   

Steve kept Camp going pretty smoothly without me–should I be scared???  He had a pretty busy week Aug. 21-28.   We still had a bear hunter in Camp as well as several cabins of anglers.  FIVE big fish releases were added that week–1 walleye and 4 northern!  Last week we had another big walleye release as well as a couple of smallmouth.  Check out the web page ( for some of the photos.  A few folks still need to e-mail us their photos (hint, hint).  

Last week’s guests had some rough weather.  We had winds up to 50 kph yesterday (Friday).  Only one angler ventured out all day.  Temps have been pretty cool (50’s-60’s during the day; 40’s at night), but water temps remain in the high 60’s.  Steve and I took a couple of hours mid-week to check some spots.  We ended up with a few perch–two of them huge.   

Since I had not taken any photos and HATE to not have something for my visual readers, I robbed Mary and Lori’s cameras for some nice photos.  I’ll share some today and some later in the week…promise.  

They had a nice variety of duck photos.  We’ve been enjoying having ducks around again since the geese aren’t quite as comfortable (though they continue to try to take over).  

looks like popcorn...

scratching an itch

incredible quality photo

the reflection looks like a cartoon


The mergansers had a visitor:  

So, how did this group of four do fishing?  They did just fine.  Here’s one day’s catch:  

Of course, you have to take the bad with the good:  

It's as big as the bait, Lori!

Ron and Mary took advantage of a nice day:  

Ken and Lori prepared for potluck:  

They grew it themselves!

Speaking of potluck…  

I wouldn't believe a thing being said here!

BS patrol or active participant? You be the judge.

More later, Folks.  Thanks again for your support…past, present and future.  A

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