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Back to Work!

Hi there.  Due to lack of blog fodder and a pretty crazy pace last week, I opted not to do an entry.  Along the way some fodder arrived:)

We had a great group of folks last week!  We had lots of newbies and a few used as well.  The walleye are coming back after the longest, latest mayfly hatch we’ve ever seen.  The best walleye numbers seemed to be coming from North Bay, but we were hearing success stories from 2nd Lake and Ruby as well.  Perch were showing up in large numbers from a variety of locations.  John released a 25″ walleye (pic, please), and Kyle and Jeremy released 18.5 and 19″ smallies, respectively.  The star of the week was Kincaid!  He is 8 years old and lives to fish!  He released this 35″ northern:


Very, very nice:)

Jr. was here by himself a few weeks back.  He sent a few photos for me to share!  When he got into the perch he said he couldn’t keep them off the hook!


He wrangled with several northern throughout the week:


and even caught a muskie!


He was here during prime hatch time, so we were thrilled that he did so well.  Hopefully we’ll see him again.

Tom and Carol returned for their annual visit, bringing both grandsons and their son-in-law.  They, too, were here during the hatch but made the best of it!  Here’s a double for Carol and Ben:


Ben close-up:


Andrew got into some big bass!

The boys shared a rainy day stringer of eaters!


Darrell and Connor were here about the same time.  Darrell had fished Wabaskang years ago and wanted to share the experience with his son (thank you)!  Well, that son of his released this beautiful 20″ walleye:


Nice fish!  They also caught a gorgeous sunset reflection!


OK…time for the blueberry report!  While Rebecca and Mackayla were here, we picked enough for pancakes.  I did my first guiding last week, taking Lowell and the guys.  We picked a couple of quarts.  The guys returned to pick Thurs. evening and did quite well:


Okay…not that well.  Those belong to my girl Vicky in Illinois!  However, I believe we are looking at yet another grand season.  So, my blueberry-picking people, come prepared!

See you next week (if I get fodder)!

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