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Bonnie’s Turn!

Welcome to another edition of Photo Fest!  It took me a while to get through Bonnie’s pics but I have finally done so!  I have received some more blog fodder (thanks to Troy and Karen), so stay tuned in the near future for more great shots of life in paradise.

It’s been a very perchy week here.  Walleye are still quite scattered and challenging, which is unusual for this time of year.  Perch, on the other hand, are being caught by the dozens.  Our buckets were quite full this morning and have been most of the week.  I know that Mark and Joe released a 13.75″er and 13.50″er respectively.  I can’t wait to get those pics!  Tim sent his nice 24″ walleye photo this week (thank you) and I’ve posted that to our Conservation Awards page.

Our steady rains and once-weekly electrical storms continue.  Murray works in between rains at shingling the Bear’s Den gazebo; Eric works in between on shingling the Eagle’s Nest (done!) and our home (nearly half done!).  I’ve been working very hard–nearly day and night–guiding.  It’s almost constant these days.  I’ve had to conduct two hunts on several occasions to accommodate our guests.  Bonnie included some blueberry shots during her stay.  This is our current hot site:

Diane and Addison were good pickers:

Kraig is hunting.  He passed on one bear the other night.  He was chased out by lightning last night.  Perhaps this evening…

This is Fred:

He and Tom are brothers who most certainly enjoy spending time together.

Fred loves to fish!

and–apparently–to guide:

Everything but the bass, Bonnie!  I like this good, better, best sequence:

Fred and Bonnie helped celebrate Liam’s northern:

He was part of the entire fleet of boats filled with Fred’s kids and grandkids:

The grandkids kept busy with fishing, floating and swimming:

Those clouds look nice and fluffy–as opposed to these clouds:

These birds belong in a scene with those clouds:

Speaking of birds here are some local favorites:

That one can keep right on going (we’re not big fans of pelicans around here)!

I know it’s a dragonfly but he’s nearly as big as a bird!

Here are some lovely scenery shots:

That’s either Joe or Steve fishing with Liam I think.

Check out the American flag in the lower right-hand corner:

Here are a couple of beautiful sunsets (we’ve had A TON this year):

Here’s something you don’t see every day up here:

Oh, that too, but I meant this:

Yes, that’s a snake.  They lost sight of it under the boat…

NO THANK YOU.  Lady overboard if I had been with them!

How about a collection of reflection perfection to create a distraction:

LOVED this one:

I’ll reflect a bit today on the memory of a wonderful girl I miss.  It’s been six years today, Mackenzie, and you’re still on my heart and mind at all times.

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