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Hey.  Holy cow it was cold last night.  Steve drained all the cabin water ’cause the forecast said we’d be down to freezing.  It’s supposed to stay cold through the weekend, then warm up again.  At least the sun is shining today:)  Yesterday morning we had some chunky-looking rain.  I about freaked out.  The Lake has risen even more given the days of rain we had. 

I drove to Dryden yesterday for a meeting about the changes to our current tax system.  Everything takes effect July 1.  My mind reached the saturation point about five minutes into the presentation!  Seriously, though, they stuck to their timeline and it did get me out of the house.  I met with a couple of other camp wives for lunch and ran a few errands; it was good for me.

Well, I warned you that I might be sharing some of my “How I Spent My Fall/Winter” pics with you.  I did substitute teach a lot this year–mostly elementary but a bit of middle school (those poor boys should get a free pass…it’s like being in a room full of deer in rut).  I did a fair amount of my favorite teaching:  special ed.  I had one LONG week with a 5th grade class that pushed me to my limits.  I continued my crazy exercise life of visiting the Y with Steve, Jazzercising, and walking with my friend Cheryl and niece Jayme.  All in all, I stayed very busy and very social. 

I got my tragas pierced in Winnipeg in October:

My talisman to mark our 15th wedding anniversary.

Here are some photos from a week in Longboat Key, Florida, with my friend Patty.  Please keep in mind that I’m not much for sightseeing, especially the fall trip when I just go to heal in the sun:)

This was the view from the friend's condo where we stayed.

Change the tree to a pine and we'd be in Canada!

That's a dolphin playing one morning.

 It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have some type of bird for you to see.

Steve and I spent Christmas on Cozumel.  We always go away for the holidays…have for the past 13 or so years. 

Feliz Navidad

I can smell the ocean right now...

Our cleaning staff was very talented in the field of towel art.  Here are some of my favorites…I killed a really cute sheep before I could get its photo:(





Stinky LaRue, My Girl!

Here’s a cool wasp-type bug:

That red butt probably means he's mean(?)

I absolutely LOVE iguanas!  Check out this monster:

They were everywhere!

I found a friendly pelican…

Where was Gruper all this time?

While home–between teaching and sports shows–I hung around with some interesting characters:


a ladybug and her mama...

a princess...

the Easter bunny...

and my seester:) I miss you:)

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