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Catching Up

Greetings!  I’ve been able to go through some photos and put together a nice photo fest for us this week.  I’ve also got new blog fodder thanks to Mary and Brenda, and I know I’ll get some from Nemar this week as well.  All things considered, you’re stuck with me for at least a few more entries this season!

Last week brought a few more walleye:)  Many in the 20-22″ range were released (thanks!).  Here’s a pic from Robb:


Bob H. (one of the two in Camp for a couple of weeks) reported that walleye are deep and scattered.  He’s working at about 28-32′.

I added an incredible pic of Brenda with a 26″ walleye to our Conservation Awards Page.  That’s an inch or two shorter than last year’s release from her!  They come for the lake trout but seem to do OK on huge walleye in my opinion!

Brad and Devin were here a month or so ago.  They had a tough start but picked up speed as the week progressed!  Here are some nice fish pics from them:


This pic still cracks me up!  The bass on the right is nothing short of a freak!


These guys were also able to score a nice sunset progression:


Tom and Carrie were here several years ago.  They said they’d be back, and by golly they even brought kin!  Diane and Kurt joined them for a week of fishing and relaxation.  Here’s a good mixed bag:


They were able to enjoy a good shore lunch during their visit:


They caught one of the few moose pics for this season:


Here’s a great eagle’s nest.  We were unable to determine if that’s another adult or an eaglet in the nest…you be the judge:


Thanks, Guys!  We hope to see you again (and again, and again…)!

We (finally) received a pic of Mark’s 13.75″ perch.  It’s been added to the Conservation Awards Page (  I liked this “proof” picture though:


We received our drone photos!  The quality is incredible.  I preferred the aerial shots over the frontal ones.  I’ll probably use one of my own shots for a frontal view and this one from the drone for an overhead view of the entire camp:


Beautiful (if I do say so myself)!

I’ve had a couple of tomato harvests off my scrawny plant this year:


Rhubarb AND cherry tomatoes–a banner year for my crops!

There’s a lovely family of toads living in our window well this year.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had them in there.  I saw a mama and seven babies!  This baby crawled onto its mama when I took their picture:


It honestly doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Remember when an otter crawled into Skip’s fish basket to steal fish…and it drowned?  We finally got it back:


Freya liked it a little too much and I had to put it out of her reach.  I think it was the fur.

Speaking of Skip, his buddy Mike’s dad Dean sent us a cool photo from earlier this season.  We think it could be a Lac Wabaskang Monster:



I attended glass class again this week!  I decided to make a trivet to match my Iowa back splash:


It will look good in my kitchen…trust me!

Tony and Jack returned last month and brought Matthew.  Tony usually sends me big fish pics.  This trip, however, he sent me wake photos:


and my favorite will be my closer this week:


See you next week!  I think we’ll have a guest blogger….

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