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Catching Up

Wow…where has the time gone??  I had planned to do a new entry mid-week and just never got around to it.  My apologies.

Let’s start with the end of last week.  We had such a good group of people in Camp!  My “red hat guys” had such a good time in Cabin 5.  These four seem to have serious fun no matter what!

Caution: genuine good times here

The Haans had a great week.  Fred said it was the BEST walleye fishing they’ve ever had here.  He and brother Tom both had a big northern release…which can be viewed on our website:  Here’s a lovely sunset they caught:

We also had a big perch release (waiting for photo, Phyllis) and a big walleye release from Donnie.

Speaking of Donnie, she and Mark had a great first trip to Tall Pines Camp!  There was talk of a return trip in 2011 (we hope so).  Donnie took to berry-picking like a pro!  They also caught plenty of fish and made the most of beautiful weather for shore lunch:

They, too, caught some great sunset photos:

Phyllis and Wayne thoroughly enjoyed their week with their twin 9-year-old grandsons:)  The boys were so much fun and quite open to this new experience.  They’re from Arkansas, and I can’t say enough about children with southern accents!  They made me smile a bunch.

See you guys next year (we hope)!

I had predicted a berry-picking marathon and, boy, was I right!  I even took a break from the blueberries to pick a few of these babies:

and turn them into one of these for my buddy Gruper:

The oat crust is unbelievable...not that I'd know....

The picking fest continued into this week.  Jenny and I picked at least three times (twice just yesterday!), Karna’s been out with me a few times, Hans hung out with us Wed., and Pam joined us yesterday.  It’s amazing how nice the weather has been for two days ’cause it was AWFUL Sat.-Mon.  Imagine mid-40’s, rainy and WINDY!!!!  Ugh. 

Our bear hunters were crazy enough to sit in their stands Sunday night (official opener).  Kraig and Hans both saw bears that night.  Keith and Kraig both took their bears on Wed.  Hans did not take a bear but seemed to leave with a great appreciation of  his whole experience.  I didn’t get photos of the guys’ bears before they had begun skinning, so I apologize:(  Randy will start hunting tomorrow, so I’ll keep you updated. 

Kraig gets really into his hunting:

Kraig is Marlin’s boy.  Marlin even enjoyed the horrible weather earlier this week:

Come on, Mom, throw it already!

I've got it, I've got it!!! Eye on the prize!

Our home boys in Cabin 3 finally found some walleye yesterday:

They also took some nice sunset photos:

Ron & Karna are having their usual good time.  Besides picking with me, Karna has been doing some serious angling.  Check out her big release smallmouth on the website.  Here’s her slot northern:

Check out this half-cobweb photo I took:

I’ve been posting this entry with an incredibly heavy heart.  My niece Mackenzie passed away yesterday.  Many of you have met my sister Rebecca and know how close she and I are…this is her younger daughter, the mother of Mackayla, my first great-niece (whose delivery I witnessed).  I’ve often said that Becky is “the mother of my children.”  Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers, especially Mackayla.  I’ll be heading back to Iowa for a week or so.  This is the first time we’ve had to deal with a tragedy at home while we’re up here.

Kenzie and Kayla, her mini-me:)

Peace to you, Macadoo. I love you so much.

I’m sorry if this is not the proper forum.  I’m just trying to make sense of this horrible, awful thing.  Please send us positive energy.  A

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