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Checking In

Hi there!  As you can see we’re still here.  We have our last guests in Camp this week.  Every year it happens:  I realize everyone I’ve waited to see during the season has come and gone already.  It’s the oddest feeling.  We start as Gruper and Andrea and we finish as Gruper and Andrea.

Mark’s last day was Saturday.  We appreciate his dedication to seeing us through the season.  Once the docks were adjoined we could really see the difference between those that had been pressure-washed and those that hadn’t, so Mark’s parting responsibility was to make them all beautiful!  You can see the contrast waaaay out there where he’s working:


Speaking of contrasts, you know what I love about ours here!  Oh, those contrasts!  This pic came from the boat trailer yard.  I used my i-pad because I just can’t bring myself to use the punishment camera.  Please continue to pray that my real camera can be saved once I’m home.


We had been on a string of gray days until yesterday.  It was a picture-perfect day up here!  Gruper and I went for a drive/walk.  He brought home two grouse (I didn’t even see any!).  I thoroughly enjoyed the colors and contrasts the entire time.  Maybe I’ll take the i-pad along for the next adventure.

The gray days made it hard for me to be perky.  I spent a bit of time in kitchen therapy;)  I saw this magazine cover featuring a blueberry galette with a to-die-for pecan crust and decided to give it a whirl:


OK…enough about me.  Well, a bit more about me…we went fishing last week.  I brought in a lovely 16″ walleye to feed my own self.  That was the biggest for our outing (one point for me).  We started at a spot on 3rd Lake.  Gruper dropped his jig, bounced once, and caught a walleye (a small one, but the first one no less).  That was it for that spot so we moved around a bit.  Once we got to 2nd Lake things picked up for us.  He caught a nice under-the-slot northern but I chose not to beg or barter for its meat.  We both caught some perch(?) and some smaller walleye.  It was our longest outing this season.

Big walleye continued into the last couple of weeks.  I know I shared one of Bob’s big ones on the last entry, but here’s another:

His passenger Bob did pretty darned well himself!

Ron had a decent catch as well:


Mallah caught this beauty, held by her man Jon (I may have shared this last time–I’m getting old and losing track):


I have a couple more floating around somewhere and will put them on the next entry.

Mallah and Jon were minding their own business driving home when they saw this dude:


That bear reminds me that Tom sent a couple of great guy pics!  He, Joey and George had a lot of fun during their stay!


Tom did not get a bear this year:(  Kraig sent a photo from his hunt that I didn’t have!


Frank and his crew (some used, some new) returned for their annual fall fun!  The highlight of Frank’s trip usually has something to do with shore lunch;)  He truly goes all-out!

This year they had uninvited guests:

After the huge meal it’s time for boat dancing (I think):


Then more fishing just for the heck of it!


Until it’s time to sit back on the deck, have a cocktail, and catch a lovely sunset!


I’d like to mention here that while Frank was in Canada, his wife Brenda was in Texas as a Red Cross volunteer (her first deployment).  As soon as the guys returned home, Frank’s buddy Bender and his wife Annette headed to Florida–mostly in The Keys–and remain there through this week.  God Bless any and all volunteers during these crises.

Bender was especially excited about this year’s trip to Tall Pines Camp!  He was joined by two brothers, a nephew AND his dad Richard!  Looks like he knows what he’s doing!


So, I’ve still got Nemar’s pictures to share which means at least one more blog entry before we call it a season!  Here’s a nice eggplant-hued sunset from Bob:


and here’s one I took last night after our grouse drive/walk:


reflection perfection;)

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