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Finally a moment to catch up!

Hola. We’re coming off a full week and have entered another!  This entry probably won’t be as long or as entertaining as some but I’ll do my best.

First, a photo I forgot to share.  Grant gave me this one a couple of weeks ago.  He said the only way the photo could happen this way was if the northern swam directly into the net.  Bless his heart, he did!

He came up on the walleye, intending to eat him...then spit him out!

Last week’s fishing was incredible!  Walleye and perch were both plentiful.  Smallies were also ready to play!  I’ll add two nice 18-20″ photos to the website today or tomorrow.  Good job Roger and Lee!

The weather has shifted significantly in the last few days.  We’re now averaging 70 degree temps after weeks of cooler-than-normal temps.  Fishing has been a bit tougher for a couple of days.  Some of our new guests are struggling.  We figured the fish would move a bit deeper, but Sonny and Kathy found them in about 8′.  Guests are all over the board with fishing reports:  some are killing them in Keynote, others are hitting 5th Lake and doing well, others are messing around with Doe Island and Devil’s Point out on 3rd…  Bait reports are similar.  I have guests buying leeches like never before!  I’m getting good reports from those using crawlers and minnows as well.  To sum it all up:  try anywhere from 8-15′, use some form of live bait, and try any place that looks like a possibility!

Ron and Bob were here last week and decided to stay for another!  They’ll be back with their wives in the fall for a couple of weeks as well.  Bob has mentioned that he does not care for the feet photos I post regularly.  I’ll try to keep that in mind.  He released a 23.5″ walleye.  I’ve decided it’s close enough to my conservation award size, so you’ll find it on our website.  Ron released this nice 22.5″er:

Always a pleasure to have you in Camp, Ron:)

I don’t want Bob to get jealous, so here’s a photo of him with a northern:

Brothers Ed and John were here last week!  They are always good to have in Camp, and it was especially great to see Ed after a few years’ absence.  Here are some photos from his camera:

Sean and his boys had a great time with grandpa!

Add Murph to the mix for even more fun!

Wouldn't be a fishing vaca without shore lunch!

John has a fish on....what's Nita doing?

Perhaps she's painting her toes!!!!

Sorry, Bob;)

Nita and I went into Ear Falls one day.  We saw a sow bear with at least two TINY cubs along the bush line.  We were not camera-ready and I was driving too fast to stop and photo.  The following day I was returning from Dryden and saw this scruffy bear:

I wanted to see if I could find the Pink Lady Slipper orchids that Rachel and I found last year.  Gruper drove me out to the spot and we saw this young fella’ on the way:

And yes, we were able to find many of those pretty flowers:

Jack and Marion are regulars in the campground.  Jack had fun with this northern:

Nice photo, Marion! Where's the loon photo???

Marion wrote a cute little ditty (she refused to call it poetry) about Wed.’s potluck.  It was our first of the season and apparently quite inspiring!  I’ll close with that for today.  See you soon.

Tall Pines has a potluck of highest degree

All bring their specialty, share it for free.

Brie cheese and salmon spread first on the tables

Spagetti and stew, serve as the staples

Illinois ribs for our wonderful dinner

They take the prize. Wow! What a winner.

Guests gather for drinks, they laugh and they lie

‘Bout where to catch them, ’bout where to try.

Pines’ folks fish hard, they seldom get skunk-erd.

But rather they talk ’bout that 40″ lunk-erd!

Then to first narrows, that follows the feast

Fish for those walleys, perch at the least.

Maybe a northern will bump into your rig

You catch him on 6-test and your special jig

The sun’s going down, you head for the shore

A card game, a nightcap, who could want more?

The loons are a-callin’,  breeze lulls you to sleep.

Tall Pines memories are all yours to keep.

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