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Fishing, Bears, SUMMER!!!!

Happy August to all!  I guess I should start with a fishing report.  Last week the walleye played hard-to-get.  Have I mentioned that we had a mayfly hatch on Aug. 4?  What’s next:  June bugs in Sept.?  Our new guys from Missouri found some, including a 24″.  They were die-hard anglers, though–even going out in some pretty foul conditions.  They tried live bait but ended up using grubs for the majority of their fishing.  The true champs last week were the ladies!  Theresa, Kim and Judy released 38″, 39″, and 40″ northerns respectively!  Wow!  You can view all three on the website.  That’s Kim and her husband Chris with the 39″.  They’re newlyweds–you can tell ’cause they wanted their photo taken together;)  The fish-only pics belong to Judy and Theresa.

The walleye have gone to 15-20′ this week, although one new guest found them at about 12′.  They’re coming on to their fall spots, and 5th Lake is the place to be right now.  We think that 3rd Lake’s spots–Doe Island and Devil’s Point–will be lighting up very soon. 

This week the perch have begun schooling and behaving like perch.  Our Bear’s Den group, four nice couples from Wisconsin, have been finding Piggy Perch!  They caught 64 this morning–none smaller than about 10″.  They found them right here, on 1st Lake.  They are also finding nice northern and some walleye.  Our Cabin 4 couple, Corky and Rosie, came in with their two walleye over 18″ today as well as some eaters.  We have a father and son from Tennessee who dropped in for a couple of days and decided to stay a week.  They’re doing very well and are quite the fish “hunters.”  They like Wabaskang; can’t say as I blame them.

Let’s talk bears.  Season opens officially this Saturday (15th).  Steve has been performing his baiter duties with gusto.  All of his baits are being hit very regularly, and we think we’ll have a lot of success this year.  We have some more shots from the trail cameras.  A couple of them make me very nervous.

This one's cute but small.

This one and the raven seem to be looking at something.

This is a good-sized bear.

This one looks cranky--maybe all the bait is gone.

OK.  Here’s where it gets a little scary.

This photo was taken mid-morning.

There were LOTS of night photos with this kind of activity.

OK.  Let’s talk SUMMER!  This week is supposed to be in the 80’s and sunny!  I know that doesn’t necessarily bode well for fishing but it sure puts a smile on my face.  I do believe that the sunny warmth is why the perch and behaving like perch.  I picked blueberries yesterday!  They’re just coming on and it looks like we’re going to have a good crop! 

Blueberries and blue toes:)

So I’ve finally started using the new camera I bought in May.  I was afraid of it and left it in the box until my old camera finally quit (in fact there are photos on there I want and can’t get).  I fear this camera as much as I feared my pressure cooker when I bought it last year.  I’m not sure if these are unnatural fears or fairly typical(?)

Judy, catcher of last week’s 40″ northern, made me a beautiful plant hanger.  I still have the lovely begonia from Sandi and Eldon’s spring trip (your fall trip is just around the corner, Woman).  I paired the two for a photo op.

How happy is that?!!!

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