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Fishing & Bears (welcome or not)

Last week’s great fishing has continued into this week.  Guests–new and used alike–have been doing very well on walleye, northern and perch.  Nathan and Staci, a new couple this year, went right out to 2nd Lake on Saturday and caught plenty of walleye and a big northern.  They commented this morning that they threw back a bunch of walleye yesterday:)  Good for them!  They’re fishing spots that are new to us.  Last week’s guests were finding walleye shallow–around 12-14′.  Nate said they are finding theirs 15-20′.  The water temp is only mid-60’s, so we figured the fish wouldn’t go that deep(?) 

Jim Flory’s group last week continued to do great!  Lee, who I’ve dubbed the Fish Slayer, made the Conservation Awards Program with both a walleye (26″) and a northern (36″).  You can see those fish–as well as some nice perch and a couple of other northerns–on our website’s “Fishing” page.  Flory’s guys (Junior, Lee, Rich and Jim) are busy planning next year’s trip already.  Of course, they’re concerned that their buddy Crabby Tom won’t do well if the weather is as crappy as last week’s.  That’s OK, he can cook meals for the guys and keep the cabin tidy.  Here’s a photo of these nice guys:

Junior, Lee, Jim & Rich...a great group of guys!

We had a lovely, social bunch of folks last week.  Potluck was an incredible success!  I made about 25 lbs. of wild rice mooseloaf–good thing, too, ’cause we had only a couple of pieces left over.  Bob from Cabin 9 took some nice photos:

Mary & Jim (he's a dirty picker), Jim, and George and Betty got to know each other.

Jim, Bob & Mike had a very nice time.

A somewhat familiar sight on Wed. evenings.

Despite cold, rainy days, last week's sunsets were incredible.

OK.  Let’s talk hunting.  Both Rick and Kraig took bears on Wed. evening!  They had seen lots of action earlier in the week as well.  Kraig had even had some wolf action!  We were very excited for both of them.  I was excited for Steve as well, ’cause I know how hard to works to make these hunts successful.  Kraig was so pumped that he already book a hunt for next year.

Rick & Kraig pumped after the hunts!

We had a little bear action of our own this morning:(  Steve went out to the deck at 7:00 and found this:

Those are tooth puncture marks in a cooking oil container.

That's bear poop located near the punctured oil container...

Needless to say, Stinky LaRue is spending the day safely in the house after last night’s show…

I don't do bears (or dogs, other cats, some people...).

Saturday morning we had a neat fog over the lake.  Steve snapped a good photo:

Saturday evening was another great sunset.  I nabbed a photo of it:

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