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Fishing, Love, Etc.

I feel like it’s been AGES since I’ve done an entry!  Forgive me.  I know I did a quickie last week, but there’s a lot to tell you.


Last I talked with you, I had added April and Tim’s big perch to our Conservation Awards page.  April and her dad Steve fished a few weeks back.  April estimated that they had caught about 100 northerns one day!  They were using red spinner baits.  They also caught some nice perch using crawlers.  Here’s a photo of Steve with a nice slot northern, followed by a photo of Karna (Ron’s wife) with a nice one as well:

I don’t remember where I got this photo but I LOVE it:

Mike’s group was here a few weeks back.  They were first-timers and had a BLAST!  Tim released a big perch and here’s a look at some that weren’t so lucky:

Speaking of not-so-lucky, here’s a photo of Randy’s bear shortly before he was hunted:

OK, back to fishing!  Walleye fishing’s been quite good for a couple of weeks now.  The fall bite is on–so soft I’ve missed a few–as are the fall spots.  Gruper and I have hit 2nd Lake twice in two weeks (!).  We’ve done well both times.  I released a 20.5″ walleye last Friday:)  He caught first and most, but I caught biggest.  His best was 17″, and we had several in the 14-16″ range.  19′ continues to be our magic depth.  We’re still using 1/4 oz. jigs and will probably stay with that through the season.  Minnows and leeches worked for us.

3rd Lake is “on” like crazy right now!  We’re hearing everything from 19-30′.  Bob who just arrived Saturday said he released a ton of walleye yesterday.  He said he fished around 19′ in the a.m., then found them around 30′ in the p.m.  Ron’s been here about a month.  He and his Bob have been releasing biguns regularly.  They use minnows.  I added Bob’s 24″ and Ron’s 26″ to the Conservation Awards Program page (  They released four over 24″ yesterday!  Those two guys sure have a blast fishing together. 

Speaking of having a blast fishing together, our Red Hat Guys were back last week.  It’s always a pleasure to have them in Camp.  They fish hard, play hard, and have a very good time.  Can you pick me out in this photo:

I’ll help you out a bit:

Dawn and I asked to see the backs of their shirts:

Dawn's a pervert...

Their tight little fishing club bears the name of a good friend:

I wonder what they’ll do if he ever joins them?  Change their name?  Anyway, I added Jim big bass and Rich’s big northern to our Conservation Awards Program page as well:)  Good job, guys!

Neal, Marji, Dick, and Linda returned as a foursome this year.  These folks also have a better-than-good time together.  They fish pretty darned hard, then come in and just have fun.  They initiated more than one “social hour” down by the fish-cleaning house last week.  Here’s a nice photo of a mixed bag they brought in from the Doe Island area:


We are now a honeymoon destination!  Bob and Barb have been visiting us for several years.  This year they decided to get married in the middle of their two-week stay!  They headed to Kenora last Friday and tied the knot!  It was very exciting around here.  At Wednesday’s potluck, everyone had a swig of sparkling wine and we toasted the couple-t0-be. 

Ergo, the heart shoes…

These make me smile for a lot of reasons.

Many in Camp discussed trashing the newlywed cabin while they were in Kenora.  I then realized that I’d be the one cleaning up our mess in another week!  Scratch that idea.  I went for a classier, less messy look:

The happy couple returned Friday afternoon all smiles and looking extremely dapper:



This boy of ours is a mouser!  He’s caught at least one outside and one inside that I didn’t even know lived here!  Marji saw him with one last week and gave me the heads up.  Stinky LaRue never was one for having to chase her food.  I still haven’t decided if he can stay but had him fixed today just in case.  Here’s a photo from last week, happier times for my all-night party boy:

I’ll close with a rainbow shot from a couple of days ago.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, though.  The colors were vivid.

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