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Fishing Report and Catch-up (no mustard)

Hello there.

Well, we’ve begun another week of good times.  Last week was really quite good for most everyone.  Al and Jim returned with a bunch of folks.  They ended up doing pretty well on walleye and perch.  We had a new bunch down in the Eagle’s Nest.  They, too, did pretty well–especially for being new to the lake.  Two of their guys–Randy and Tim–made the Conservation Awards Program with a 24″ walleye and an 18″ smallie respectively.  Young Trent made the CAP as well, with a lovely, FAT, smallie.  Trent’s dad Brett had been here years and years ago.  He decided to bring his family, and I believe they’ll be back!  Bruce and Debbie were back (they enjoyed the ceviche awaiting them) and had a good week of walleye and northern fishing.  Larry and Ruthie began their three-week jaunt and have moved at their usual leisurely pace.  They have caught some walleye as well.  Sonny and Kathy are still hanging around.  They fish a little, hang a little, etc.  Sonny had a lovely stringer of walleye yesterday afternoon.

Speaking of walleye, we thought they’d be much deeper by now.  Folks are catching them in as shallow as 8′.  I’d say the average depth reported to me is still only 10-12′.  Bruce and Debbie were playing with a beetle spinner (?) and worms Friday and had a blast.  They visited Doe Island and 5th Lake.  I’d say most of last week’s success came from 2nd Lake and Ruby.  Leeches were quite popular with the Eagle’s Nest guys.  One thing I heard from a few folks is that they weren’t catching fish in the same spots on consecutive days; i.e., the fish seemed to be moving.  However, overall folks had plenty of fish to eat and took home what they wanted as well.

I blueberry picked, like, five times last week!  I’d go for 1-2 hours each time and just nail them!  I limited out every time, leaving some skin on and freezing them for home.

We continue to have a good rain every week.  We had a dandy last night and this morning; Gruper and I got to pump boats twice this morning!  The rain keeps the lake level up, the blueberries plump, and Michael busy cutting grass.  We will try to send some of it down to those of you who are experiencing draught-like conditions.  This year is very different from July of last year when we did not have one drop of rain all month. 

Several weeks ago, David brought his son Andrew up for their first Canadian fishing adventure.  Andrew is heading off to college this fall, and his dad wanted to do something fun before he hits the books.  They wanted to northern fish primarily.  Andrew caught this:

Mission accomplished!

Mark and his wife Diane brought their son Michael the following week.  This was a fishing family!  Diane was as antsy to get out there each day as the guys!  They shared some photos with me to share with you.  They got on top of some lake trout but weren’t really equipped to fish for them.  Here’s Mark’s depth finder showing the fish stacked:

Those big blips on the bottom we believe to be lake trout.  Maybe they’ll come back and go after them next year!  They did catch some fish, though:

Even a perch seed…

That’s hilarious.  We’ve gotten more tiny fish photos this year than ever before!  I love them.  Here’s a good heron photo:

Chuck, Donna and Anna were here a couple of weeks ago.  Anna had the big perch (that she wouldn’t touch) that’s on the CAP page.  I’ll share some of their photos now.  These people are awesomely conservation minded!  They truly get it!  Here’s Chuck with a prime spawner walleye he returned:

Anna put one back as well–though Chuck is holding it;)

They do keep some fish to eat:

Remember Kathy’s photo of mama merganser with 14 babies?  Here’s a merganser with teenagers…maybe it’s her:

Here’s a pretty butterfly that joined them in the boat:

Donna got a shot of the geese doing their nightly parade in front of Camp:

She also got a great sunset:

It looks like the sky is squishing the sun…

Well, it’s that time of year again:  bear baiting!  Yes, Gruper began a little over a week ago.  We’re seeing activity already.  Here’s the big, bad wolf:

Creepy, eh?

Here’s a pretty good bear followed by a little fella’:

I’ll close with my favorite.  This was a johnny-come-lately bear…no soup for you:

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