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Summer, Phase II, is happening!  All of last week and today the weather has been outstanding!  We’ve hit 80 a few times, the sun shines a bunch, and the nights cool off for perfect sleeping.  The warm temps and blue skies do not seem to have affected the fishing much either.  The walleye have gone deeper–Ron and Bob have fished 40+’–but they are being caught! 

Mary and her family visited last week.  Here are some of their fish photos:

Mary herself with a nice walleye.

Mary's hubby Ron got a piece of the action.

Daughter Lori caught some fish (and sun) as well.

Ron and Ken showing their goods.

The happy crew at potluck.

Lori befriended some ducks.

Mary took these photos of, like, a gazillion mergansers hanging out together.

It’s always fun feeding the northerns!

See the northern on the right?

Mary snagged a great sunset as well (we had many last week):

Hope you get some sunsets like this next year!

Cabin 3’s crew was a good batch from Kansas…one new guy and three used guys.  Their fishing was good and they had a great time overall.  John is an awesome angler.

I sneaked this photo from his camera;)

His son Jeremy released a big piggy perch for the Conservation Program.  You can view it from the website.

John also took some great scenery photos:

I thought this was awesome.

How intense is this???

The guys were fishing on 1st Lake (where Camp is located).  A cow and calf moose came running out of the bush.  Not far behind them was the reason…

Two wolves were in hot pursuit.

Here, the brown one slipped into the Lake.

My sister would call this a "Movie Star Wolf."

I have more to report about our Camp bear, and we have two bear hunters this week (Steve is one of them).  I have some more nice nature and sunset photos as well.  I’ll do my best to do a double entry this week!

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