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What a week in our area.  Many of you have heard about the tornado near Ear Falls Thurs. evening.  Actually, it was about 7 miles N of here.  We had almost nothing here…darkness, wind, and a bit of rain.  However, Fisherman’s Cove Camp on Lac Seul was hit hard.  At least two people died and five others were injured.  One man is still missing.  Steve and I went up and offered to help this evening, but they’re kind of at a stand-still until tomorrow when a clean-up crew will arrive, etc.  The folks there look stunned still.  How horrible for the owners, guests, families of those lost.  Please keep them in your thoughts.

Steve and I went fishing this morning.  It was mid-morning, bright blue sky with a few puffy white clouds, and mayflies are hatching.  AND WE STILL CAUGHT WALLEYE!  We found a spot on 2nd Lake that worked quite well for us.  I caught the first walleye, Steve caught the biggest, and we probably tied on most.  I caught a perfect dinner-sized fish, 15″.  Steve released a beautiful 18″.  We had a bunch of small ones, 12-14″.  We caught a couple of northerns as well.  We started at about 12-13′ and moved deeper.  We caught them all between 14-16′; they would shut off at 17′.  We were using jig and minnow, vertical jigging some of the time and casting and bottom-bouncing back some of the time.  My jig was not my usual chartreuse–it was more yellow than green.  Steve was using a new item we found:  a mayfly-colored jig.  Both seemed productive for the short time we were able to get away.

This week’s weather looks very mild:  70’s with sun and a bit of wind.  How perfect is that?  I took a 6-mile walk today in absolutely perfect conditions.  I could have walked a marathon! 

It is time for me to add a ton of nature photos!  I have so many good shots that guests take during their visit.  Hope you enjoy them:)

Lana and Marilyn from Wichita were here for two weeks.  Lana has never come up short on nature photos and she didn’t disappoint this year!  Thanks, Ladies.

There are two babies in the nest.

A blue heron at the falls.

How weird is this blue heron?


This bear was hanging out along the road on their way up.

Turns out he was grazing...eating grass like crazy!

I LOVE luna moths:)

Lana said these eagles were fighting over something (a fish?).

Huey, Lewey & Dewey

Well, that’s a good bunch for now.  I’ll try to do some more tomorrow or Tuesday.  Tomorrow is a Dryden day for both of us.  I’m getting my hair cut and de-grayed as well as renewing my driver’s license.  I forgot to mention that I received a nasty speeding ticket in Manitoba when I returned Da Niece to her family.  That’s two tickets on this license…not sure what the rules are up here.  Cross your fingers for me.

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