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Friends & (Their) Families

I had completed this entry last night–probably a bit more than an hour’s work–and it just disappeared.  So here I go again.

Fishing has been phenomenal!  Newcomers as well as old timers have been catching walleye.  Bob, who’s been coming for about five years now, released a nice 26″ walleye a couple of days ago.  You can view it from our website.  Harvey and Worm, two new guys, have had a great week of walleye, northern and perch fishing.  These guys are true anglers; they don’t use a GPS or a depth finder–they just fish.  Sandi and Eldon have had their best fishing yet–spring or fall!  Charley and Nancy made their first fall trip and really liked the less-crowded lake.

The weather has been as good as the fishing!  We’re in our third week of an incredible Indian summer.  Daytime temps are in the 70’s, and the nights cool off into the 50’s.  We have beautiful blue skies with fluffy white clouds.  I took a 6-mile walk today and just marveled at how gorgeous it is.  I guess it makes up for the cold, rainy, windy May, June and July.

I’ve been picking like a crazy woman!  I’ve been out three times this week:  twice with guests and once on my own.  I’ve decided to try my hand at blueberry jam when I return to Iowa.  In the meantime I’ve baked some blueberry zucchini bread, chocolate zucchini bread and made a nice bear back strap stir-fry for dinner the other night. 

I want to catch up on some recent guests’ stays.  I’ll start with a great friend of the Camp, Ron.  Ron visits every spring with his son and grandsons, then returns in the fall for a month with his wonderful wife Karna.  Their good friends Bob and Ann (who hooked up with me in Florida a couple of years ago) come up for two weeks during Ron and Karna’s stay.  We ladies have a good time together–berry picking, shopping, road-tripping.  They are really good company for me.  Here are some photos I swiped from Ron’s camera:

Karna likes going after big northerns!

Bob got a bit of northern action as well.

Looks like walleye for dinner that night.

This eagle kept a watchful eye on Ron every morning.

Ron enjoys capturing sunsets

and is really, really

good at it.

Here's to a couple of great people.

Our good friends from home have been gone a week and I still have quite a few of their photos to post.  They treated us to shore lunch one day which has become a tradition.  They won’t let me lift a finger!  There were 14 of us for lunch.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

Mule skinner Ben shared stories from his life's work.

Good friends Frank and Bender got to fish together

and cook together (while John fired up another stove).

Frank has fond memories of his dad making shore lunch.

Frank and John are both unbelievably devoted family men.  This year they were able to share all their guys with us!

Frank, Frank and Tyler together at Tall Pines Camp for the first time!

John brought son Brant (middle two) back and added sons-in-law Erik and Tony.

Here's to good friends--old and new! Thanks guys!

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